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Overcoming fear of people

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By: Alison R – 7 years 2 months​ ago
Overcoming fear of people

The fear of people (Anthropophobia) is the reason behind a lot of distress in people's lives.

But the crucial things these people don’t understand is that all phobias or fears are in the mind, and only the person dealing with the fear has the power to overcome his or her fear.

Ways to overcome your fear of people:

Understand people don’t care

This is the fundamental factor when it comes to fear of people. You need to understand that people just don’t notice and quite frankly don’t care.

People around you are busy in their lives just as you are busy in yours. They don’t have time to give you attention and neither should you for them.

Note: This is for public gatherings not for friends and family. You should give attention to your friends and family.

Build your confidence

So what? Who cares…? This type of attitude is sometimes essential when it comes to being in the public. You can’t take everything to heart.

Build a shield of confidence around you and be happy with who you are.

Don’t be critical

A big part of Anthropophobia or the fear of people is the mental part. If you are walking in public and people are laughing this doesn’t mean their laughing at you or if someone is talking while facing your direction this doesn’t mean they’re talking about you.

This type of thought is the paranoia that comes with this fear and you must get over it.

Ask for help

It never hurts to ask for help. Meet with your doctor or physician and discuss your problem. Also ask your friends and family for help and talk about your issue.

Your friends and family can be a big help, when facing your fear. They can support you and help you get comfortable in the public.

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