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3 Easy Ways To Sleep Better

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By: Alison R – 7 years 1 month​ ago
3 Ways to Sleep Better

Sleep is reasonably the most important thing in life, and without it your life can become miserable. Unfortunately a huge problem faced by people today is getting sleep.

I have found 3 tips about sleep that really work and if you can follow these tips, you will not just fall asleep faster, but your quality of sleep will improve.

Follow a Schedule

The human body is the most adaptive machine on the world. It is capable of adjusting to every moment of your life, and it is able to foretell your actions. So in the case when you follow a schedule, your body automatically responds and follows the schedule with you.

So for example say one day you get home from work at 4.00 pm, you need to go the washroom and you go. The next day you come home again and do the same thing. Eventually every single time you come home from work you go the washroom. What you will notice over time is that even if you follow this particular routine only on the days you go to work, you will eventually need to go to the washroom at 4:00pm on the days you don’t.

This happens because your body adapts and continues to follow that routine you have set.

This same law can be applied to sleeping habits. If you begin to sleep every single day at 9.00pm the days you stay awake until 10 or 11 you will feel very tired and drowsy. Or say you begin to sleep every single day at 11.00pm if you try to go to sleep at 8 or 9 it will be very difficult.

So try to create a sleeping schedule. This way, not only will your mind tell you when to sleep or wake but your body will. Studies show that if you create such an effective routine you can wake up without an alarm clock every single day.

Eating habits

Big meals at night can jeopardize your sleep and you should be careful. Most dinners are made up of fatty rich foods and these types of food are a lot of work on your stomach. This hard work can can take a toll on your body and keep awake. Try to eat, whatever you need to eat at least 2 hours before you go to sleep.

Note: Eating foods before bed that are spicy or acidic can cause heartburn and stomach problems.

As for a midnight snack it can be effective for some people and not so for others. So if you do feel hungry before bed, and can’t get to sleep I would recommend drinking a glass of milk or something else that is very light.


People that work outdoors and have hands on jobs tend to sleep better than people who work in offices.

This happens because people with hands on jobs come home physically tired and mentally fresh, while people in offices come home mentally tired and physically fresh.

What this shows is that for effective sleep you need a fresh mind meaning stress and anxiety free, while your body is physically tired. This equation can be fulfilled with exercise.

When you exercise you get tired and physically drain extra energy from your body. While at the same time you kill stress and remove anxiety.

So if you can exercise an hour or two before bed you will sleep faster and better.

Good Luck on sleeping better!

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