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Whatever happens inside your brain influences what happens to the body. Looking on the bright side isn’t always easy, but being optimistic is a path that can be accomplished if you work hard.

A series of studies from the US and Europe, it came under extensive consideration that optimistic outlook developed early in life can lead to better health and a lower rate of death in age groups of 15 to 40 years.

Optimistic people have a different yet unique way of looking at the world; they look at the world as an opportunity. They don’t complain about anything. This is why people want to be optimistic, but this is not what you can go to the shop and buy, or merely order online from an e-commerce store.

Being an optimist means making a lot of efforts to adopt a positive mindset. It is achievable if you think you can. Optimistic people are always chasing their dreams and big goals in life, which is why they are successful in what they do. Because they dream big, work hard, uplift their self-esteem, and never complain about hardships.

Ten Easy Ways To Become An Optimistic Person

1. Create Your Own Positive Mantras

Happiness comes from inside. Many people believe that happiness is based on external things, more precisely by mundane things. If this is the case with you, you have to hold yourself back.

Sometimes we are not even aware that we are feeding ourselves with the negative messages, often putting in efforts to convince ourselves that we are not enough or not also who people want to be with. If you are feeling this way, you must work on it and try to remove it at the earliest because this is the biggest hurdle that stops you from reaching the point of optimism in your life.

You have to change this for you because nobody else can do this for you. Try to neglect these messages and replace them with positive affirmations like ‘I start this day with positivity,’ ‘I am beautiful,’ ‘I am a positive thinker,’ ‘I expect to succeed,’ etc.

2. Get A Positive Influence

Inspiration plays an integral part in our life. If you wish to be an optimistic person, it can only be achieved when you find yourself a perfect positive influence.

It could be anyone, no matter the age, sect, colour, or religion. It can be a friend, a neighbour, the person in the family, a teacher, or any celebrity. Think of the most influential person you can, and get inspired by the person in all the scenarios.

Only you could do this, create a task for you and try to walk in their shoes for a while, and automatically you’d be witnessing changes in you. By doing this, you will learn to live a satisfying life.

3. Take Advice, But Implement If It Pleases You

Always listen to people; you never know what’s around the corner. Maybe someone speaks something that is a life changer for you. Keep on looking for suggestions and recommendations, but evaluate what effects that advice would bring on your life.

Maybe, you listened to it before and tried to implement it, and it didn’t work, trying again might not be a bad idea. Because if you are not happy till now, one thing is for sure that there has been something not up to the mark which didn’t lead to success.

4. Challenge Pessimism Inside You

Pessimism gets active when your thoughts are based on fears, doubts, and low self-esteem. Learn how to fight back the pessimistic attitude and instincts. You have to be strong enough to challenge the negative thoughts that are misleading you.

If you fight back once, you’ll learn how to overcome that again. Try to find the point or the reason why negativity was more around you when you wanted to be optimistic. Learn to replace it with positivity, and nobody can stop you.

5. Never Dwell On The Past

What has passed is your past, and if you are still dwelling on it, it is your mistake and nobody else’s. You might have heard that what is gone is gone. It is up to you how you deal with the aftermath of that situation. There is no point in cursing and living in a bygone era.

You have the power to change a situation and move on. Remember that if a bad thing happened today, it wouldn’t happen tomorrow if you learn from the adversity and improve the next day. But it will keep on happening if you let them by living with it.

6. Keep Your Eyes On The Goals

Setting goals is the first thing to do when planning for living an optimistic life. It is good to set big goals, but achieving big goals aren’t done in a night. Start by having small goals instead, and gradually lead yourself to the biggest.

Set small goals and try to execute them daily, which helps you develop a positive mind and attitude. Success and wonders in the small day-to-day goals will place you in the right direction.

start doing

7. Distance Yourself From Negative People

Negative people are often termed as toxic people in your life who focus on sucking the positive energy out of you. These people don’t have any sense of empathy, and they don’t care about anyone else but for themselves.

Living an optimistic life requires you to set boundaries from the people who are stuck in their own miseries and affect others. An optimistic person leads his life with like-minded people, and it is essential for you to stay away from these people who are full of predictions.

Instead, try to surround yourself with winners and guides, not the ones who always blame others.

8. Control Your Passions

Passions are good if rightly controlled. Don’t let your desires control you. You should be the master over your passions. Living an optimistic life requires setting intensities, but dwelling on them if they aren’t competing or aren’t able to achieve them is simply the loop that will make you go off the right switch. Set realistic expectations for yourself, and do not become obsessed with anything.

9. Identify Your Strengths

Falling short and not meeting the setlist of tasks happen with people. But those who focus on doing it again and in a better way are the people who never leave behind on anything.

Focus on what excites you and work for it with positive energy and Can-do attitude while re-calibrating your unique personal strengths. Work on becoming an interesting person for yourself.

10. Practice Gratitude

Be thankful for all the great things and blessings in your life. By developing this habit in your life, you will have an instant boost of optimism.

Take moments from small achievement, stay happy, smile, and live the moment. Show gratitude to everyone and everything that brings something good in your life.


It turns out that successful people are also optimistic, so being successful requires you to be an optimist. Thinking big and achieving goals require people to have a positive mind and a healthy body. Make sure to put your eyes on the goals and find solutions to whatever comes in your way with an optimistic mindset.

Samantha Kaylee
Samantha Kaylee

Samantha Kaylee is currently working as a Head of Digital Marketing Team at Dissertation Assistance, an incredible platform to avail essay writing service in the UK. She has gained a credible reputation over the years with her dedication to the work and experience in her field. She shares her insights in this article.

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