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Feeling unhappy about the way our bodies look is probably the most common self-confidence destroyer in the world. If you want other people to love you, first – love your body and your self with boundless unconditional love.

You are:
A miraculous nature’s creature.

All three above are true. They are easy to undoubtedly believe in if your close circle has always told you that. However, the same can be also quite hard to trust if everything you’ve heard during your lifetime is “you don’t deserve it”, “you can’t do it”, “you’re too fat/short/stupid/unintelligent/basic/poor”, “you’re out of that league”, “you are not even close to that boy/girl on the cover”.

So, what to do if your self-confidence and self-love slowly become more and more buried under the layer of stereotypes, tags, judgments, comparisons, reproaches, and fake idols?

Stop being a victim

Take responsibility for everything happening in your life.
Make a well-considered decision to love your body unconditionally. With all your perfect imperfections. We are here to help you set foot on the route of self-love, self-acceptance, which eventually leads to success in realization of yourself and a harmonious, prosperous, happy life.

Now it may be very difficult to be happy with your body. Most of us have been there at some point or another. In front of the mirror… pulling, and squeezing, and sighing. Spending days, and weeks, and years thinking negatively about the way our bodies look.

But think about this:

Isn’t it crazy to spend so much time unproductively?

It’s high time you switched things around and started appreciating the beauty in your imperfect body and here we have 10 tips that can help you to learn and love your body.

Tips and tricks to become a friend (not an enemy) to your body and yourself:

1. Look At Yourself in Motion

You can be very surprised to find out that your body looks much more beautiful in motion than in statics – no wonder: we are born to move. Want to have a realistic image of what you look like? Shoot a video of yourself doing some ordinary everyday things. That’s really you. And the photos can lie. So does the mirror.

Just give it a try.

2. Focus On Health Rather Than Looks

Take care of your body and you’ll feel how happy it gets. Especially when you begin to witness and enjoy the way your body responds to:

  • exercise
  • healthy food
  • full night’s sleep

… you will start to love the way you look too!

A beautiful inside makes you feel gorgeous outside. And it’s much more than just a feeling: inner health results in clean skin, bright eyes, glossy hair, and a tight, toned body.

3. Realize You Can Change

If you don’t like your belly, you can go to the gym, add a sport to your daily routine, and finally get those dream abs. If you can’t embrace your red hair, you can dye it.

Yes, sometimes it may be difficult for you to achieve something when others have it easier, but somebody else might dream about your fantastic playful curls just as much as you want to get rid of them.

Also, there are things that you can’t change like your height, foot size, or skin colour. However, you can adjust it according to your style and desires. Through experiments with different clothes, footwear, colours. and accessories.

4. Develop Your Sense of Style

Look for your style. Experiment with hairstyles, makeups, and outfits. Use style as a tool, to emphasize your strengths and hides the flaws. A charmingly imperfect body carried with self-confidence will always be more attractive than a “perfect” body.

5. Work Out

Working out in front of the mirror is ALWAYS a good idea! Dress up. Buy a comfortable and pretty sports outfit that you really like and go to the gym. Watching your flexibility, power, and muscles in motion will help you to better know your body’s shape and uniqueness.

Yep, we all sometimes look super awkward when working out, but on the whole, we totally rock!

What To Avoid If You Want To Love Your Body:

6. Never Compare Yourself With Others

We are all made of flesh and blood – we are all built differently. So, there is no point comparing yourself with that super slim and fit individual. The type of people who eat and never gain any weight.

You will never be happy if you keep comparing yourself to others. You are the only one responsible for who and what you are.

7. Don’t Focus On Details

You are not your freckles, scars, moles, stretch marks, or height.

You are a million different things put together.

On the whole, your body is BEAUTIFUL.

When you look closer, you may find some flaws – it’s because unlike a robot, you and your body are UNIQUE! You are one in 7 billion. You are one of a kind and it’s absolutely charming.

8. Don’t Humiliate Or Punish Yourself

Even in a joyful manner.

Sarcastic jokes about your appearance never lead to the strengthening of your self-confidence. They actually lead to quite the contrary, they make you feel more insecure, depressed, and unsatisfied with your body.

9. Always Be Presentable

To build a positive image of yourself, treat yourself with beautifully clean work clothes, cozy home clothes as well as stylish workout outfits.

Dressing presentably creates a positive image of you in your own mind as well as the minds of surrounding individuals. Creating an attractive wrapping for your body is the first step to self-love!

10. Don’t Reject Compliments

Learn to accept them.

Stop thinking that people compliment you only if they want something from you. They CAN say nice things too and be completely genuine! Your new haircut really suits you, and that dress really highlights your beautiful eyes.

Also, make it a rule to praise or compliment yourself at least once every single day.

What Happens To Your Body When You Are In Love?

When you are in love, your heart races, your pupils delate, you feel 40% less pain, and your dopamine, adrenaline and norepinephrine level increases.

But when you are in love with yourself, you make others feel like that!

Wishing you a long and happy relationship with that gorgeous body of yours! Take care.

Vicki Mozo

Vicki Mozo is an editor of Her main writing topic is love and she is very passionate about relationships. She tries to possess the right amount of professionalism and versatility to be your psychological assistant. Her motto is “Communication is one of the key skills for every person”.

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  • Lindsey Galbraith
    5:18 PM, 17 December 2020

    Not accepting your body is the main problem of teenagers in the 21st century.

  • Peter
    4:46 AM, 6 March 2020

    One should travel often, if they are lacking self-love, faith and want the answers of their problems.

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