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Snow beautifies everything it falls on and makes nature even more attractive to embrace. Winter comes, and many parts of the world have snowfall. Many visit different places to enjoy the snow scenery. People enjoy seeing snow and feeling its breeze. Making snowballs, snow houses, ice skating, walking on snow with heavy and slippery steps, etc., are some snow activities we all enjoy. However, in-depth, snow has many things to teach.

It whitens nature spreading positivity and tranquility. It is fragile, but it makes a vast substantial glacier when its chunks unite. Similarly, you might become stronger when merging all the scattered fragments of yourself, no matter if you are even alone. Snow is not colorful and still adores nature and brings joy. The same way the simple act of kindness and humanity beautifies others and your life. Without further ado, I want to share some snow quotes.

39 Snow Quotes To Beautify Life And Bring Peace

  1. “Advice is like the snow. The softer it falls, the longer it dwells upon and the deeper it sinks into the mind.” –Samuel Taylor Coleridge
  2. “Kindness is like snow — it beautifies everything it covers.” –Kahlil Gibran
  3. “Snowflakes are one of nature‘s most fragile things, but just look what they can do when they stick together.” –Vesta M. Kelly
  4. “Even the strongest blizzards start with a single snowflake.” –Sara Raasch
  5. “To appreciate the beauty of a snowflake it is necessary to stand out in the cold.” –Aristotle
  6. “There’s just something beautiful about walking in snow that nobody else has walked on. It makes you believe you’re special.” –Carol Rifka Brunt
  7. “I love snow for the same reason I love Christmas: It brings people together while time stands still.” –Rachel Cohn
  8. “Winter forms our character and brings out our best.” –Tom Allen
  9. “Snow is…a beautiful reminder of life and all its quirks. It makes me pause. Think. Stay still. Even my mind takes the hint. It makes me feel giddy. Like a kid.” –R.B. O’Brien
  10. “A snowball in the face is surely the perfect beginning to a lasting friendship.” –Markus Zusak
  11. “A lot of people like snow. I find it to be an unnecessary freezing of water.” –Carl Reiner
  12. “I remember being excited about seeing snow for the very first time.” –Thi Bui
  13. “It is the life of the crystal, the architect of the flake, the fire of the frost, the soul of the sunbeam. This crisp winter air is full of it.” –John Burroughs
  14. “Snow brings a special quality with it—the power to stop life as you know it dead in its tracks.” –Nancy Hatch Woodward
  15. “Despite all I have seen and experienced, I still get the same simple thrill out of glimpsing a tiny patch of snow.” –Edmund Hillary
  16. Snow quotes- post image
  17. “I know a little more how much a simple thing like a snowfall can mean to a person.” –Sylvia Plath
  18. Imagine if fire extinguishers were full of snow. Imagine the fun we could have.” –Neil Hilborn
  19. “Thank goodness for the first snow, it was a reminder–no matter how old you became and how much you’d seen, things could still be new if you were willing to believe they still mattered.” –Candace Bushnell
  20. “The snow was endless, a heavy blanket on the outdoors; it had a way about it. A beauty. But I knew that, like many things, beauty could be deceiving.” –Cambria Heber
  21. “Snow isn’t just pretty. It also cleanses our world and our senses, not just of the soot and grime of a mining town, but also of a kind of weary familiarity, a taken-for-granted quality to which our eyes are all too susceptible.” –John Burnside
  22. “I pray this winter be gentle and kind—a season of rest from the wheel of the mind.” –John Gedde
  23. “Snow provokes responses that reach right back to childhood.” –Andy Goldsworthy
  24. “Snow falling soundlessly in the middle of the night will always fill my heart with sweet clarity” –Novala Takemoto
  25. “The snow is sparkling like a million little suns.” –Lama Willa Miller
  26. “Close your eyes. Hear the silent snow. Listen to your soul speak.” –Adrienne Posey
  27. “A snow day literally and figuratively falls from the sky, unbidden, and seems like a thing of wonder.” –Susan Orlean
  28. “With every falling flake, a unique spark of interest falls from heaven.” –Percy Miller
  29. “Snow is falling outside and all is peaceful and still. In such moments it is possible to believe that the world could still be good.” –Richard Paul Evans
  30. “The snow fell as softly as a poet’s tears.” –Kevin Ansbro
  31. Snow quotes- post image
  32. “I wonder if the snow loves the trees and fields, that it kisses them so gently? And then it covers them up snug, you know, with a white quilt; and perhaps it says, ‘Go to sleep, darlings, till the summer comes again.” –Lewis Carrol
  33. “Silently, like thoughts that come and go, the snowflakes fall, each one a gem.” –William Hamilton Gibson
  34. “The first snow is like the first love. Do you remember your first snow?” –Lara Biyuts
  35. “Christmas snow can never disappear completely. It sometimes goes away for almost a year at a time and takes the form of spring and summer rain. But you can bet your boots that when a good, jolly December wind kisses it, it will turn into Christmas snow all over again.” –Santa Claus from Frosty the Snowman
  36. “Snow flurries began to fall and they swirled around people’s legs like house cats. It was magical, this snow globe world.” –Sarah Addison Allen
  37. “Summer friends will melt away like summer snows, but winter friends are friends forever.” –George R.R. Martin
  38. “Nothing is as tedious as the limping days when snowdrifts yearly cover all the ways.” –Charles Baudelaire
  39. “The first fall of snow is not only an event, it is a magical event. You go to bed in one kind of a world and wake up in another quite different.” –J.B. Priestley

Rahul Bansal

Rahul is a freelance author, chemist, a teacher and has a lot of passion for spirituality, humanity & self-development. Being in the writing industry for many years, Rahul has a plethora of knowledge which he loves to share and discuss with his readers. He loves to write about self-improvement and share quotes he finds inspiring.

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