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level up your willpower

We are what we think and do. Generally, our thoughts generate emotions, and emotions generate actions. It is a cycle that goes on and on, and most of us are not even aware of it.

Every cause has an effect, and, in this case, actions are the effects of our thoughts and emotions. To improve our actions and become productive individuals, we need to start shaping our realities by paying close attention to the thoughts and emotions that we identify with.

Willpower is the “fuel” that helps us take action on our thoughts and feelings. If we lack willpower, we’ll be stuck in the mental plane and we’ll experience dreams rather than realities.

If you ask ten random people about the most important mental qualities that drive success, willpower will be spelled more than half of the time. Try it if you don’t believe me!

The question is – how do we get more fuel? What is it that we need to do to materialize our thoughts, emotions, ideas, objectives, and desires? 

In today’s post, I’m sharing 5 game-changing ways to level up your willpower. It all starts with your mindset and ends with your focus and commitment.

Learn To Be Conscious Of Your Willpower

One of the most prominent findings regarding willpower is that its nature is finite. What that means is that whenever you use your willpower to commit to an action, you’re consuming some of that fuel.

Every time you try to control (rather than observe) your thoughts and feelings, refuse distractions or perform new actions, you’re using the same source of energy – willpower.

If you wake up and deal with five problems before you start studying or working, you may be lacking the necessary willpower to stay focused on the task. After you deplete most of the remaining willpower, you may feel lazy, unmotivated, or simply passive.

level up your willpower

Our brain is constantly working to avoid pain and to gain pleasure. When you have to deal with responsibilities, you’re taking a few moments to negotiate with yourself. Should you do the “right” thing, or do something else that brings more joy?

This natural mechanism is a big factor that influences our willpower. The more you “work” to solve internal problems to make decisions, the less willpower will be used to complete the required actions.

If you become conscious of the “waste,” you gain a new option. You can choose to observe your thoughts without getting “soaked” by them. At that moment, you’ll be protecting your willpower reserve, and you’ll be able to use it consciously.

Acknowledge That You’re Not Your Thoughts And Emotions

Most people want to be more motivated. To me, that means you’re craving for more willpower or want to level up your existing willpower. The problem is that the majority of us get “caught up” in our minds. We allow our thoughts and emotions to influence and define our actions, beliefs, and mindset.

For example: if you go through a painful breakup and you’re unable to “let go,” your willpower is severely damaged. Because your brain is fighting to accept the new reality, fighting to protect itself from negative thoughts, and fighting to gain peace, most of your activities will be affected by the low amount of willpower that is remaining.

When you stop identifying yourself with thoughts and start perceiving them as passing clouds, willpower grows. When you stop emotions from influencing your decisions and actions, you’re moving beyond them, giving yourself the ability to choose how you spend your willpower in a conscious and responsible way.

Learn To Nurture Your Energy Throughout The Day

Focus on what matters, or put what’s important first. As you begin the day, make mindful choices that prioritize your long-term objectives. Forget about immediate pleasure and use your willpower consciously.

Willpower is a form of energy. As researchers suggest, the amount of willpower that each person gets daily is often limited to a certain level, but that level can be improved through training.

Pay Attention To Your Sleep, Nutrition, And Physical Activity

Your habits are also significant factors that influence the amount of willpower that you can manifest throughout a day. Making sure you get enough rest is one of the best ways to heal your mind and body and to reduce stress.

Eating organic foods and drinking plenty of purified water is another critical habit that improves your mood, energy, and willpower. Lastly, ensuring that you’re staying active and in shape by exercising regularly is one more “life-hack” that expands your willpower’s reserve. 

Respect your mind and body, and they will reward you with energy, strength, and willpower.

Establish And Pursue A Bigger Purpose

A mind that doesn’t have an object of pursuit is a mind that will often sabotage our daily actions. In simpler words, you need to have a strong purpose for doing what you’re doing.

If you’re in college just because your parents made you go, there’s no wonder why you lack the necessary willpower to study. However, if you manage to rewire your motives and give your college time a purpose (knowledge, connections, career), you’ll be able to improve your personal power and take action without hesitation.

‘Purpose” is subjective. You need to figure it out on your own: discover what makes you “tick” and focus your willpower in that direction.

level up your willpower


Willpower is extremely connected to many qualities that most of us seek: motivation, commitment, responsibility, self-discipline, focus, attention, and the list can go on. When you start perceiving your willpower as your “personal power,” you’ll be able to grow it because self-development is a basic and often unconscious need.

Take advantage of today’s ideas and play with them for as long as you need them. Small actions lead to big results. Keep training until you level up your willpower to a point when you feel invincible!

Alice Jones

Alice Jones is a psychologist, editor, and academic writer who offers essay services to students worldwide. She’s extremely passionate about finding the reasons why people do what they do, but also about the way the human subconscious works. Recently, she founded a non-profit organization that helps unfortunate students cure severe mental problems.

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