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Low-calorie diets boost anti-ageing in our bodies. Low-calorie diets can slow down the ageing process and increase longevity for us. It is important to eat a low-calorie diet, but it is much more important to eat less. It is proven that there is a link between healthy ageing and calorie-restricted diets. Low-calorie diets will help you to improve your mood, help your body to fight against age-related diseases such as diabetes, cancer and Alzheimers and increase your total life span.

How Does a Low-Calorie Diet Work?

A low-calorie diet can help your body to slow down its metabolic rate – ultimately helping you to increase your potential life span. A low-calorie diet also decreases free radicals linked to enduring illnesses and simplifies the energy-regulating processes, keeping your body younger and healthier.

A low-calorie diet is a way that a lot of people tend to lose weight. An average adult female needs about 2000 calories a day, and an average adult male needs about 2500. If you constantly eat foods that are high in calories, you will easily go above your required calories. Therefore, keeping track and counting your calories can help you maintain a healthy and balanced diet and eventually help with weight-loss.

While you may find it easier to eat 2 Big-Mac meals a day (1 Big-Mac meal contains 1100 calories), you will be better off eating smaller portions of healthy snacks containing fewer calories.  What you choose to eat will affect YOU, so why not opt for what benefits you most? Here are 6 anti-ageing foods you can incorporate into your low-calorie diet:

1. Fibre

Fibre is one of the most important foods for our digestive system. It is generally received from foods like whole grain, fruits, vegetables, and legumes. Fibre can help your body in many ways. It can prevent constipation, lowers our cholesterol, blood pressure and inflammation. It can also help your heart to stay healthy. Overall, fibre has many positives, making it a great addition to your low-calorie diet!

2. Blueberries

Blueberries are packed with various antioxidants. These antioxidants include Vitamin C and Vitamin E which help to keep your cells healthy. Though all berries have their own benefits, blueberries are packed with nutrients that are very valuable for your body.  It benefits individuals with heart problems and high blood pressure. It also protects the cholesterol in your blood from becoming damaged. Overall, blueberries are helpful in maintaining brain function and improving memory. Blueberries are a quick and delicious snack that you can add to your cereal, yogurt, or eat as is!

3. Yogurt

As we continue to grow older, our bones become weaker. Calcium is a necessary mineral that helps us our bones stay strong and healthy, and yogurt is a good source of calcium, protein, and vitamin D! Yogurt also helps us to digest our food in a more effective way. It also helps prevent cancer, infections, gastrointestinal diseases, and asthma.
The best part is yogurt comes in many flavours and tastes amazing with fruits and granola!

4. Avocados

Avocados contain essential vitamins, nutrients and healthy fats that help retain the moisture content of your skin. The healthy fats in avocados make them great for your body’s longevity and also help hydrate your skin! Avocados can be used as a spread on your slice of toast or you can cut it up for your salad. You can also try using avocados as a healthy replacement for butter.

5. Melons or Watermelons

All melons are simply delicious and refreshing! Melons or watermelons are easy to find and are very pocket-friendly. They are a good source of vitamins and nutrients as well. Incorporating melons or watermelons in your daily diet will help you live a healthy life.

6. Popcorn

This one may come as a surprise to you, but thanks to it being so high in fibre – popcorn is amazing for a low-calorie diet! This high-in-fibre snack helps balance your blood sugar and slow your digestive process. Ultimately helping you to feel more full compared to other snacks, such as fried potato chips. Although, keep in mind that microwave popcorn tends to contain a lot of artificial flavouring and ingredients compared to air-popped popcorn. Sticking to the less-artificial option is always the better option!

End Notes

A low-calorie diet will enable you to live a long and healthy life. What you eat impacts you massively, and the above foods are some examples of what you can use to create a healthy and balanced diet.  It may be difficult at first, but slowly, you will find it much worth it. Start today. Replace the bowl of sugary cereal you were going to eat for breakfast, with toast and avocado. I guarantee you will love it!

As Astrid Alauda once said,

Your body is a temply, but only if you treat it as one.


Melissa Mellie

Melissa Mellie is a beauty and skincare blogger. Born in a family of dermatologists, her life revolves around things that are healthy and natural to keep the sanctity of our skin alive. She is associated with Dermology products for younger-looking skin. She loves to share her talents and experience with various skin products to make the lives of her readers better.

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