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The world is experiencing a smooth transition towards online solutions and digitization these days. But, it is important to know the backbone of great concepts such as online business. The entrepreneurs who pioneered the online business concept and inspired millions of other businesspeople have done an excellent job. It was not an easy task to create awareness among the people about the use of online services. Still, these entrepreneurs never give up and keep working hard and making strategies to create buzz and hype in the market where most people haven’t had any clue about the online business and how it is useful to them. 

The entrepreneurs who pioneered the online business concept definitely have had their struggles, which is quite inspiring. They just need to know the path they followed and how they focused on their goal and kept growing. These entrepreneurs already have understood the dynamics of the internet world, and they know how big it will be in the future. The level of dedication has helped entrepreneurs establish a successful online business and inspire the next generation.

1. Travis Kalanick

Travis Kalanick, born in 1976 in California, US, is the founder of the world’s best online ride-hailing service named Uber. Kalanick has an interest in computer coding and started it at a very young age. Once, he and his partner Garret Camp went on to visit a place in Paris where they were struggling to get a taxi at an affordable rate, and they had a lot of inconveniences. This was the time where they had an idea to establish an online platform where people can easily book their rides online. Thus, this is how they established Uber, one of the leading on-demand taxi transportation services all over the world. 

They got the idea and realized that people are facing a lot of inconvenience in finding cabs, especially when a particular person is a traveller and unknown to that place. They started Uber by hiring drivers and paying them. That idea didn’t work for them as they didn’t have many purses left for them at the end. They created the concept of freelance drivers, and they gave a share to the drivers for every ride they received, and there was no looking back since then for them. Kalanick and his partner were the pioneers of the on-demand services in the worldwide market, and Uber is the famous online service for the taxi. 

2. Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos is not an unknown name these days as he was adjudged the world’s richest person and the pioneer of eCommerce and online trade. He launched Amazon in 1994 as an online booking selling site. Jeff Bezos used his parents’ garage for establishing amazon, which is named after a river in South America. Bezos started selling books in America and other countries. Within a few days, Bezos and his team got outstanding results. Jeff Bezos used the internet platform very well and established the largest eCommerce in the world. 

He kept on increasing the product and expanding the service worldwide. At the same time, he also stayed informed on the market conditions to understand consumers’ demand. Over the years, Amazon got immensely popular and nailed the eCommerce market all over the world. Thus, he is the pioneer of eCommerce and online business.

online business

3. Ralf Wenzel

Ralf Wenzel is the founder of the Foodpanda business model that serves doorstep food delivery to people. He has been in the field of online business and its verticals for a long time and is a serial entrepreneur. He also runs an online payment platform and the chief of Foodpanda. An app like foodpanda, which delivers food, also helps the local restaurants in the cities go on the floors of the internet and expand their services. Ralf Wenzel was always a learning freak, and he has always been looking forward to making strategies to grow the business and how to invest at the right place and time. He was always up and forward to accept challenges and pioneered the concept of the food delivery service. 

Ralf Wenzel is also serving as the chief strategist for the delivery hero, a German-based food delivery platform that acquired food panda. He has been an inspiration to many business people who want to establish their business in the internet world and earn money for themselves. Wenzel is also an outstanding guide force for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to establish an online delivery business. He has been appointed as CEO of Softbank. He will jointly launch different business models in Latin America and support them in creating innovative ideas as there is much scope there. 

4. Apoorva Mehta

Apoorva Mehta, also known as the youngest billionaire, is the founder of the online grocery delivery platform Instacart. Mehta is an Indian-origin who shifted to America and studied there and has worked for companies like Amazon and Blackberry. He had an aspiration to become an entrepreneur and run his own business. Apoorva Mehta then tried his luck in 20 startups, which eventually got backstabbed and failed. The good thing is that he never loses hope and keeps on doing what he wants overcoming the negativity. His 21st startup was the business model for an online grocery delivery service, which he named Instacart. He named it instacart because he wanted the service to be quick and instant for users. 

Mehta established Instacart nearly two years after he quit his job at Amazon. He has a strong admiration for software and development, which he got passionate about while working for Amazon. His idea for developing an online grocery delivery platform clicked users’ minds and started getting popular. He has a strong mindset and firm belief that he will succeed, and he did not let himself down even after his failures with earlier startups. With instacart, he had steady growth, and that made him a billionaire in his 30s. Instacart became one of the famous names in the on-demand grocery delivery service in America and then expanded to the global market.

5. Pierre Omidyar

Pierre Omidyar is the founder of eBay, one of the most popular eCommerce stores all over the world. He has always had an interest in computer programming since his school days, and he studied computer science. He started eBay as an experimental and initially started as an online auction service where people can bid for the product placed in the auction. In 1997, he launched eBay, which became profitable for him and helped him earn millions. He soon became a billionaire, and the popularity of eBay kept on increasing. Omidyar has an inspirational journey, and with his dedication ability to create and craft innovative ideas, he has been successful. 

eBay is the eCommerce platform that has inspired many other business people to establish. He is also a philanthropist and helping in many social causes. Thus, Pierre Omidyar has an inspirational and amazing success story in the form of eBay. 

Conclusive Thoughts

The amount of hype that online services have created among audiences all over the world is outstanding. The online business concept is currently a hot topic. However, it it is the result of these entrepreneurs’ efforts. The online business concept had the potential to drive people’s minds, and these entrepreneurs have recognized it and started working on it efficiently. These entrepreneurs have pioneered the online business and have been an inspiration to people worldwide that success and failures in the business world are part and parcel of it. You need to continue working on and achieving your targets.

Nirav Parmar
Nirav Parmar

Nirav has more than three years of experience as an outreach expert at Elluminati Inc. He has a keen interest in communication, content, and digital marketing. He has worked with many brands and helped entrepreneurs to establish an online presence that drives their business forward.

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