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People speak of being able to change mindsets as if it were a simple task. Perhaps, they don’t fully understand the term. Well, the term, “mindset” means a person’s way of thinking and opinions.

Changing the way you think, your opinions, and thus the things you believe to be true is probably the hardest thing one can do. As the word implies, mindsets are all about what you’re setting your mind on. 

Therefore, if you’re setting your mind on your fears regarding what others will think about your appearance or the fear that the future won’t unfold as it does in your mind, then it’s obvious that you’ll eventually suffer from some sort of anxiety.

Fortunately, all you have to do is to make a decision and stay committed to it – decide that from now on you’ll focus on positive, healthy mindsets that will replace the old mindsets that previously led you to anxiety. Now that the term, “mindset” has been explained, I would like to share the top 7 positive mindsets that you can implement that will help you start the day with less anxiety and eventually overcome it.

1. Self-Compassionate Mindset

Compassion. A trait that seems to have lost its value in today’s modern society – it is so rare that it feels magical when you see it. Despite learning about it, we rarely practice it and what we never do is practice it on ourselves.

But how can one be a truly compassionate person if they aren’t compassionate with themselves in the first place? 

You see, compassion is all about feeling a deep sympathy and sorrow for another’s suffering and a strong desire to help that person overcome that suffering. Sometimes it is can be necessary to feel this way for yourself.

By adopting a self-compassionate mindset, it will be easier to overcome your anxiety. By setting your mind to have compassion for yourself, you’ll learn how to be gentler with yourself and be able to pick yourself back up if you ever fall.

2. Acceptance Mindset

We all look at life – things that happen to us – through two filters: black or white, good or bad. But if you take a minute to reflect, there’s no such thing as “something bad happened to me”. I mean, yes, you didn’t get that job, but has it crossed your mind that maybe that job wasn’t really good for you or a better opportunity is around the corner?

Most of the time, “bad” things happen for a reason, so instead of feeling down, accept that it happened and that complaining won’t do you any good. Often these bad, complicated, and hard times are good because it is when we learn and evolve the most.

Therefore, set your mind to accept the way you feel, think, and act and accept the things that happen to you so you can learn more about yourself and become a better version of yourself. Life is all about growing and evolving, so live your life peacefully and adopt an acceptance mindset.


3. Understanding Mindset

Right after you succeed to accept yourself and the things that happen to you, it’s time to understand. Understanding is the key to knowledge. Knowledge is empty without understanding. But the first thing you have to understand in this life is yourself.

You can never overcome your anxiety if you don’t understand where it comes from; if you don’t understand the main reasons why you’re feeling so anxious. Some say that they don’t know why they feel the way they do, but I believe that deep down in our minds and hearts we all can figure it out.

The best part of setting your mind on understanding is that you’ll be able to understand yourself and your fears, but also the fears and motivations of others. Understanding is the key to unlocking the power of knowledge.

4. Positive-Focused Mindset

Many people talk about focus and its importance, but few talk about how to focus in the first place, and even less talk about the first thing you should focus on – yourself.

If you set your mind to focus on your thoughts, emotions, and actions you’ll intensify your ability to accept and understand yourself. Sadly, many people, when they’re struggling with something in life, tend to focus on the dark side of the things, which is why simply a focused mindset isn’t enough. Instead, one should aim positive-focused mindset, which means to focus on the good.

5. Patient Mindset

“All things come to those who wait” is a very wise saying and it describes very well what I’m about to talk about. You see, today we aren’t accustomed to waiting for things anymore. Whenever we want something, we can order it with a few clicks and have it delivered by the next day. For materialistic things, this may work, but for intangible aspects of life, patience is the key.

Dealing with anxiety is not easy and anxiety doesn’t happen overnight – it takes time to become an illness and it starts with small steps, so it will take time to overcome it and you have to start with small steps.

Setting your mind to be patient and with the healing process is one of the greatest things one can do for themselves. Often many people stress themselves out trying to solve a problem as fast as possible and unfortunately, this can tend to slow down the whole process instead.

6. Change-Oriented Mindset

You see, in this life, nothing stays the same – everything changes. Not even that cup you bought for yourself stays the same – it warps and fades as you use it. Fortunately, we can resolve this by changing as we learn new information.

Our life is marked by change, in fact, change and death are the only constants in our life. Therefore, adopting a change-oriented mindset is the most natural thing you can do, especially when you’re dealing with anxiety because it will help you change the things you’re anxious about, thus helping you feel more relaxed.

7. Self-Confidence Mindset

Confidence – so many people think they possess it because of where they were born or to who they were born. In the pursuit of confidence, we can forget that there is a fine line between confidence and arrogance.

Confidence means to fully and genuinely trust your powers, abilities, knowledge, and instincts and usually, people who are genuinely confident don’t feel the need to make others feel small to prove how big they are – that’s how you can tell if a person is truly confident. So now you can see why setting your mind on self-confidence is so important when you’re dealing with anxiety, and what a great mindset is to keep in your life.



It all starts with a decision you want to make and then simply staying committed to it no matter how much you struggle at the beginning. Changing your pessimistic mindsets into positive ones is hard work but can be life-changing. In fact, mindsets are the key to achieving anything we want in this life because they make us act accordingly.

Just remember that you have to take it slow because this is a long term process, that cannot be solved immediately. You are responsible for your life, so it’s your responsibility to live it to the full potential using these 7 mindsets.

Scott Mathews

Scott Mathews is a highly skilled freelance writer and editor at A-writer, Assignment Helper, and Papers owl reviews. He started his career from a young age, but he was working even by then for reputable companies like Brill Assignment and EasyEssay. In his free time, Scott enjoys to catch the beauty of nature in stunning photographs and write unique blog posts about personal growth and education.

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