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Modern companies big and small typically handle more than a single project at any given time. Handling one project at a time is easy and straightforward enough, but when you have two or more on your plate, then you’re tasked with allocating your resources more wisely, delegating tasks and organizing project teams, and taking advantage of every employee’s unique professional orientation. Managing numerous different projects is, however, a necessity nowadays as you need to push your business forward on numerous fronts in order to attain business success. Which includes marketing, sales, culture, customer support, PR and reputation management, innovation, and more.

What’s more, managing projects effectively requires a certain degree of digital transformation to take place in your business, because using the right project management and communication tools allows you to automate various processes and elevate efficiency in the workplace. With all of that in mind, today we are taking a closer look at effective project and programs that are key to your business’ success.

Using Comprehensive Project Management Tool

Firstly, let us stress the importance of digital transformation in business. In the case of project management and its overall efficiency, it is imperative for business leaders to assume a proactive approach and bring new technologies and tools to their employees. These tools include project management software and communication technology, but we will talk about the latter later on. For now, it’s important to note that project management software brings numerous benefits to the table and can help businesses of all sizes retain efficiency and elevate productivity.

Of course, while every business needs a reliable project management tool, not every tool is good for every company, so you need to research the available products carefully. Your project management tool should ideally come with a variety of features so that all teams and departments can use it and operate seamlessly. These features include:

  • Visual boards to assign and track work
  • Time tracking and logs for every project and task
  • File management, storage, and organization
  • Built-in team chats for instant messaging
  • Analytics, detailed reports, real-time feedback
  • Project progress visualization and intuitive forecasting
  • Risk predictions to avoid unforeseen setbacks

With a comprehensive project management tool at your side, you will be able to manage remote teams efficiently as well, which is essential for survival during the COVID-19 crisis. 

Building a Strong Communication Hierarchy

Efficient and effective communication in a company and between teams is paramount to business success. However, before you start integrating communication tools and apps into your operation, you need to take care of some organizational issues. Namely, you first need to create a strong communication hierarchy in order to organize and better any flow of information. 

Needless to say, this will impart the overall productivity of your teams and will hinder cross-department collaboration. To avoid this, you can start building your communication hierarchy by creating a communication policy. The policy may detail where every piece of information should go. Your employees need to know exactly whom they report to, and which type of information corresponds with which person..

This will ultimately allow you to clear the clutter of information and eliminate the noise, allowing your teams to communicate efficiently and collaborate with ease.

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Educating Project Managers Through Specialized Courses

One of the most important elements of project and programme management success in your company is having good leaders. Your executives and management, managing different programs and departments need to get the right training to handle projects. For example, IT project management requires staff and managers to complete the appropriate AWS training for operations managers and the essential IT courses that will allow the former to bring value to the process itself while the latter provides guidance and leadership to make the project to fruition.

Never underestimate the importance of employee development. You should provide your trusted managers and staff with the right training programmes to ensure they keep perfecting their skills. Employees who obtain further certifications will then have a chance to climb the corporate ladder and become leaders.

Introducing Powerful Communication Tools

Of course, you can’t hope to ensure project efficiency without the right communication tools at your side. Much like you need a project management tool, you also need to introduce communication technology. For example,VoIP, in order to facilitate collaboration between teams. For example, voice over internet protocol is a cloud-based communication system. Most modern companies use this nowadays because it brings numerous features along with low-cost international calls.

The right VoIP system will allow you to communicate with teams from anywhere in the world, but also to run a customer support team remotely – which will lead to greater customer satisfaction through constant availability. What’s more, your VoIP provider should give you access to a mobile app, conferencing and collaboration tools, and other features to make project management a breeze.

Making Accurate Predictions & Allocating Resources

Running projects and new programmes requires you to leverage the experience of your analysts. These professionals can further leverage the built-in analytics tools from the software you’re using. This helps make accurate predictions and forecasts regarding all projects, ultimately minimizing risk and improving productivity.

You can gather relevant data quickly and organize it into comprehensive reports by using a dedicated reporting tool to have all information in a centralized location. You can then analyze the trends and make better long-term decisions for each project you’re overseeing. This will also give your managers a comprehensive overview of their work.

Wrapping Up

Effective project management is crucial for long-term business success in the modern world. With these tips and tactics in mind, go ahead and make your projects more efficient. All while conserving resources and maintaining employee productivity and happiness.


Jolene Rutherford is a marketing specialist – turned blogger, currently writing for

Interested in digital marketing and new technology trends. Loves sharing content that can help and inform people.

Jolene Rutherford

Jolene Rutherford is a marketing specialist – turned blogger, currently writing for Interested in digital marketing and new technology trends. Loves sharing content that can help and inform people.

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