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how to stop thinking

There are so many ways to get motivated but the problem is that you will hardly find the ones that actually suit you the most. For instance, you might think that reading a book is okay, but deep inside, you want to listen to a song to get motivated and to stop thinking about bad things. The fact is that we all have goals to achieve on a daily basis and that it is integral to begin doing something that would benefit us tomorrow or in the future. It is simply up to you to stop thinking and to start doing! You just need to remember a couple of things to ensure that your precious time does not get wasted.

Here are 7 tips on how to stop thinking and start doing:

1. Stop Thinking Within Limits

The secret to motivation is that you should stop yourself from thinking within limits. The idea is to put your six senses to work and let your mind work in an appropriate and good direction so that you can actually get to know how to begin doing something productive. In the beginning, it may be difficult for you to stop thinking and start doing, but once you set your mind appropriately, it will be easy for you to be on the right track. You do not need to put any limit or restriction on yourself and instead should think outside of the box.

2. Learning Can Be a Crutch That Supports Inaction

Should you be doing without thinking? No, it is not possible without learning what you actually have to do. Remember that learning is an ongoing process and that it can be a crutch that supports inaction. So, when you get to know what to do on a daily basis, it will be easy for you to focus on the right thing and to stop thinking useless or meaningless things. Learn from your elders, teachers or whoever is around you; seek their help and get their consistent or regular support to know what could be done to be more and more productive in every field or walk of life.

3. Practice Is Learning, But Learning Is Not Practice

How to stop thinking about something? The only effective way is to practice on a daily basis. We would like to make it clear that practice is all about learning new things and that learning is not necessarily the practice. Are you confused? Don’t be because both of them are different things. For example, if you learn something and do not do the practical, you may never be able to have clear concepts of different things. In the same way, if the practice is done regularly, then most of the things will be clear to you. This means you should actually stop thinking and begin taking action.

4. Motivation and Practice

In order to stop thinking, you should combine your practice with motivation. This is because, at some points, you may feel tired or hopeless; however, when you manage to motivate yourself, it will be easy for you to move on and keep working hard. Thus, you should stay motivated while doing some practice, no matter how difficult things look like or how uncertain the situation is. We guarantee that success will knock your door sooner or later.

5. Stop Losing Yourself In The Future Or The Past

Two things that you immediately need to stop focusing on are your future and your past. It is obvious that the past cannot come back and the future is not known to you. So there is no need to waste any time thinking about the past or the future. Both of them are out of your control, and what you can control is your present. The only way to make your present beautiful is by doing something good or productive for yourself, your family and friends. You do not need to pay any attention to what has gone or what will come and instead should concentrate on what you now have in your hands.

6. Read Motivational Books

Another good idea is to read motivational books. You can even read an article or two on motivation to know how to actually stop thinking and start working. There are plenty of texts or books on this topic and the most important thing is to make the selection wisely and carefully. Once you read such books, you can then understand what is important to you and how to achieve your goal(s).

7. Listen To Motivational Music

If you do not want to be a bookworm, then listen to a song that motivates you the most. It does not matter which genre or era the song belongs to. You can keep listening to motivational music again and again. Until you feel the need to be motivated to work hard and keep yourself on track.

Final Words

In conclusion, you will never be able to get anything if you will keep wasting your time. Stop thinking about the things that the past or the future, and start doing! You can neither control the future nor change your past, so why do you waste your time or ruin your present?

Darren Barden

Darren Barden is a writing coach. Darren is working on net new campaigns as well as re-jigging and putting a slant on work in progress. He is able to write short, mid and long-form copy for truly omnichannel campaigns such as: OOH, TV, digital, social networks, print and more for Writemyessayforme.

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1 Comment
  • Rahul Dev
    1:06 PM, 30 March 2020

    Great Post. Very well Explained, indeed we need to be very much focused on our goals that we should start doing now itself. We simply waste our time is some useless kinds of stuff, which when utilized would give us the best result. I am Thankful to the author for providing us such valuable content.

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