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We fall and rise, we succeed and we fail. And we cannot always keep everything under our control. We experience the power of change and constant change around us. It is impossible to stop change. We also need to change with them.

The only thing constant in the universe is change. The more we resist them, the more difficult our life becomes. It is the changes that have a strong impact on later life. When it seems to us that we can avoid life changes, we fall into our own trap. Change is unavoidable.

And when the illusion arises that fate has been deceived, it overtakes us at the most unexpected moment. Challenges and force you to reconsider all life values ​​and goals. Changes come in any form: a collapsed crisis, as a consequence of our personal choice, or spontaneously. Yes, we have a choice: accept change or not.

It is always better to immediately meet the changes in your life, to do it consciously, and not to be forced to it. Unfortunately, unpleasant and unexpected events are difficult to avoid, especially those that challenge our complacency.

The only thing we can do in difficult situations is to manage our reactions to changes in life. How can you change your life path? And do you need to rotate life 180 degrees?

It is always not easy to change your life, the path to a renewed “I” is difficult and thorny. However, sometimes this is simply necessary. The main thing is to understand whether you are ready for change. To do this, honestly answer these questions.

Are You Ready to Admit Your Vulnerability?

“Now and then I get in touch with losers”, “my friends constantly betray me”, “at work they do not recognize my merits” … To realize repetitive life scenarios means to see the possibility of change. But this is not so easy, because you have to come to terms with the idea that you are subject to the action of a certain force against which you cannot do anything. You need help to deal with it. But are you ready to admit your helplessness?

Can You Take on Some of the Responsibility?

Shifting the blame for your position on your loved ones or society is easier than admitting your responsibility. But to change yourself, you need to again become the master of your life, not a victim. It is impossible to change others and it is pointless to hope that they will change us. Are you ready to stop complaining and shift responsibility to those around you?

Are You Ready to Take a Step into the Unknown?

Even when we are completely unhappy with a job or relationship, it’s easier for us not to change anything than to take risks. It could get worse! Embarking on the path of change, we decide to overcome the fear of the unknown, take a step into emptiness, abandon the usual circle of contacts and established rituals. You may have to suffer even more to get better later. Are you ready to go beyond the usual?

Can You Cut Some Ties?

To become a new version of yourself, sometimes you need to stop living up to the expectations of your parents and loved ones. We will have to abandon the usual image that has developed in ourselves and those around us. In doing so, you are likely to lose friends or become less likely to communicate with someone close to you. Imagine that for the sake of your dream job; you have to move to another country and you won’t be able to see your best friend every weekend. Are you ready for such a change?

Are You Ready to Rethink Your Values?

Any personal change entails spiritual changes and gives rise to a new view of the world. Your feelings, feelings, values, ideas about relationships – everything will have to be reconsidered. It takes commitment, strength, energy, willingness to give in.

Internal changes are possible only when we really get involved in the work. Gotta stop going with the flow.

For example, you have always believed that the main thing for you is family. You have it, but you are still unhappy. Can you sacrifice your family for a career? Are you ready to question what you have always been sure of?

Do You Understand That Not Everything Can Be Changed?

Working on your own “I” allows you to discover hidden resources, but at the same time reveals our boundaries. We become stronger, but not omnipotent. Imagine an artist who has used only three colors in his paintings for years and suddenly finds that he has much more at his disposal. His palette has expanded, the chances of painting a dream picture have increased, but his talent and inspiration still have a limit. And perhaps even with a new arsenal, he will be disappointed. Are you ready to discover your boundaries?

Are You Ready to Take Matters into Your Own Hands?

Internal changes are possible only when we really get involved in the work. We’ll have to stop going with the flow. You need to regain your voice and use all the courage. This means that you have to talk heart to heart, for example, with an authoritarian boss or with your parents. Are you ready to give up your passive role?

Are You Ready to Go All the Way?

It happens that the newfound freedom pushes you to stop and return to your old comfort zone. Intermediate achievements may seem like a sufficient reward for the effort. It may seem to you that you have achieved your goal; proved everything to yourself and others, which means that you can go back. Let’s say you decide to end a relationship and move away from your partner. Is it worth returning to him if he begs you for it and promises to change? All decisions must be made consciously and deliberately.

Are you ready to hold out for as long as it takes and not try to escape from yourself? If the answer is yes, then the following tips will definitely help you.

It’s Better to Start Doing Something, Than Not to Start at All

Very often we don’t start doing something in anticipation of the ideal starting conditions. Bad news: they are unlikely to come, and your cool ideas are implemented by someone else, and life will pass by. You just need to accept that everyone starts somewhere. The best projects often start on the knee. It’s not a shame to start with the left heel, it’s a shame not to improve in the process.

It’s Scary for Everyone: The Eyes Are Afraid, the Hands Are Doing

When we first started making a podcast about change, it seemed to me that people are divided into two categories: some are afraid to change something in their lives (and they are the majority), and the second, the so-called bold group, where people willingly give up on public opinion and act as they please. In the process, it turned out that no supermen exist: absolutely everyone is afraid of changes, even those who have already decided on them once. How to overcome your fear? No way. Just do it. If you are only 2% bolder than others, you are already ahead. The fun begins where it is scary.

Creativity Quotes- Post Image

It’s Important Not to Be Successful, It’s Important to Be Happy

In a world where success rules the ball, everything is more or less clear: everyone has their own criteria for success, but they are quite obvious and quantifiable. But if you look at how many rich and famous people feel absolutely unhappy! It turns out that success and happiness are about different things: happiness is both easier and more difficult at the same time. Happiness is about choice, and only you can take responsibility for your life and choose to be happy. No one will ever make you one if you don’t want to.

Don’t Chase Other People’s Goals

We are all, to some extent, hostages of our environment. And in a good way and in a bad way. Ambitious friends often motivate you to develop and grow above yourself. But it’s always easy to fall into the trap of chasing other people’s ambitions. It’s much easier to navigate someone else’s life than trying to figure out your own. However, everyone has their own goals, and so does the understanding of happiness. You can spend your life proving to others that you are capable of much. But who, if not you, will fulfill your every dream?

Abilities and Talents Are Manifested Only in Activities

Lying on the stove and constantly thinking that one day it would be cool to quit an unloved job and finally do some cool thing is a hack. You can do what you love right now. Don’t cut it off, do it a little bit – go to study after work, find yourself an internship in the company of your dreams, and spend your vacation there – don’t go into emptiness. How to get a real idea of ​​what your illusory dream represents in practice? Try it. What if you don’t like it? What if you are faced with the harsh reality and realize that you wanted something completely different? Try further.

Do What Resonate with You

To feel happy, you need to do what you like. How to find it? Observe yourself, listen to yourself and see what resonates with you. This is the only way to understand what you really need and in which direction you should move.

Do Not Expect That Life Will Become Easier After Fulfilling Your Dream

We all think that the most difficult thing is to achieve your dream and still become an actress/writer/artist (substitute your own version). However, do not think that having realized your dream, you will finally breathe a sigh of relief: it is not only the “transition” that is difficult. Life will become much more difficult, as responsibility will increase. When you live your normal life and dream of changing everything one day, it’s like you’re writing a draft. Decided to fulfill your dream? Get ready for the fact that life will become much cooler and more interesting, but at the same time much more difficult – there is no spare sheet.

Stop Being Guided by the Opinions of Others

How many people, so many opinions: one will say that you are a complete mediocrity, the other will see the makings of a star. If you always listen to the opinions of others, you can never do anything. Globally, everyone, in general, does not care about each other, since everyone is busy only with themselves and their problems. It is impossible to please everyone by definition. Spend yourself and your resources only on those who are important and on what is important.

Take a Risk: When, if Not Now?

Don’t rush things: everything has its time. But remember that every year it becomes more difficult to be bolder: along with life experience, responsibility grows exponentially. Therefore, there is no better time to make up your mind than now. And further! Know how to ask: The Universe hears everything. The main thing is to correctly and clearly formulate your thoughts. And be careful with desires, they tend to come true.

To Sum Up

In general, changing your life is profitable and interesting. When we do this, we really live, we feel real, we feel the very process of life, we remain vigilant when faced with a new one, we think, adapting to a new life, and, therefore, we improve. Therefore, by changing our life, we change ourselves; By changing ourselves, we change our life – the effect replaces the cause, and the cause replaces the effect. Everything is interconnected.

Don’t forget we ourselves do not strive to change our lives, then it will begin to change itself, which it already does, forcing us to change at the same time. And it’s so unpleasant when your life begins to change without your permission. And it’s not even so much unpleasant as it’s awful, because, after all, who is the master of your life – you, or someone else? If someone else is in control of your life, then you simply don’t have it. You do not live, but exist if you do not control your life if you allow other people to control it. I hope you will not allow this, and live your life the way you want it because your life is your life!

Rachel Burnham

Rachel Burnham is the current COO of Marketing at VeePN VPN without logs company. Rachel has had success with motivational training. Her favorite quote: “If you don’t make your life better, who will?”. Rachel has completed general psychology courses. As a hobby, Rachel is practicing meditation.

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