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The coronavirus pandemic has changed the usual course of our lives, work, and business. And no matter how we want to return to the office and continue our socially active life, while we are stuck at home in a state of inactivity. But this is not a reason for you to continuously say “I hate my job!”. It’s time for you you to take a leap of faith and enter into a profession you love! Here we will discuss 21 in-demand professions you can start today, that will make you stop saying “I hate my job!”.

21 of The Best Professions To Make You Stop Saying “I Hate My Job!”

At the moment, it is difficult to accurately predict what the business world will be like after quarantine. Many scientists talk about the changes that need to be prepared. However, quarantine and self-isolation can be very useful for you. You can read your favourite books, taking up important things that you always put off for later. Thanks to modern technology, you can now play interesting online games, meet new people, or even get adrenaline from betting on Remember, you have a chance to become better thanks to self-isolation.

Take the opportunity during self-isolation to acquire new skills that will be useful after quarantine. Take training that you have been putting off for a long time for various reasons, or simply expand your knowledge while you are at home. Without a doubt, this is the best way to cope with the difficulties of staying at home, and after quarantine, adapt to the “new life”, expand your business and achieve leadership positions. Thanks to modern technology, you can get useful skills that will help you stop saying “I hate my job” and build a successful career instead.

1. Finance for Non-Financiers

Many companies are faced with the fact that expenses significantly exceed revenues (and in some, they do not receive income at all. Therefore, now everyone is looking for ways to save. You need to learn how to navigate in the reports and make an opinion about the state of the company, based on its financial indicators. This helps to understand the basic financial terms and concepts, navigate in financial statements, learn to read the financial picture of the company.

2. Digital CFO

From the potential of the numbers to the power of profit. A business must track its results and build a growth strategy. To do this, you need to understand various IT tools and technologies that make business analysis faster and more efficient. Studying during quarantine in the IT field is by far one of the most popular educational areas. You will need to understand the meaning and significance of the data that you work with, become familiar with the most effective IT tools for data analysis and processing, and learn how to work in Microsoft Power BI.

3. HTML and CSS

This is a professional website layout. A site is a business card of a company and the ability to independently work on its creation and improvement is a strong advantage for a business in today’s environment when everyone is eager to go online. A specialist in this profession will be able to learn how to work in the Figma and GitHub Desktop editor, create markups, build grids, and optimize code.

4 Personal Brand Development and Promotion Courses

The formation and development of a personal brand, the promotion of business on the Internet, the creation of content, advertising, and SMM are very popular and popular areas for a successful business. Here you will learn how to create a development strategy, how to “pack” your product and work with the audience, how to work on social networks, advertise in the media, and much more, which will lead to progress and additional income.

5. Oratory Courses

The ability to clearly and interestingly speak always attracts people both in life and in work. In work, it is important to be convincing in negotiations and with employees, in the most stressful and unexpected situations. Studying your oratorical quarantine will help you improve your communication skills in a private environment. This will help you make your voice sound confident, diction and articulation are clear, and speech is convincing and beautiful.

6. Java Developer

This is a very popular programming segment, which is well suited for a beginner. Java is an understandable language, and you can find a job as a junior developer after 4 months of training. There are many programming languages, so why start with Java? It is the most demanded: Java programs use more than 3 billion devices on the planet, and right now thousands of companies are fighting for java developers in the market. But it’s not just about money. Programming is unrealistically interesting!

7. Phyton Developer

Another promising programming language is Python. TIOBE predicts that in the next three to four years it will become the most popular development language, ahead of Java. One of its main advantages is versatility. After learning Python, you can choose any area you like and engage in backend and web development, machine learning, data analysis. You can easily find a quality course on the net where you will learn everything you need to know to work on real projects. A high level of training will help you find a good and well-paid job in IT companies.

8. A tester of Programs and Applications

A tester is needed in every team that wants the product to work without errors. There are fewer such specialists on the market than companies need right now! Can you imagine the demand for them? At the same time, you can become a tester without coding, so the profession is suitable for those who consider themselves conditional “humanities” (although, of course, the division into techies and humanities is no longer relevant in the 21st century). After completing a standard or accelerated training course, you will be a specialist in mobile testing, ready for your first job and tough tasks.

9. Graphic Designer

Do you want to become a designer, but you think that only those who can draw can do this? It’s a delusion! Nowadays art skills are not needed for a designer who plans to work in digital. Thanks to the information that you will find on the Internet on specialized sites, you will learn how to work with the basic tools of the designer, create logos and corporate identity, as well as work with a real customer, fill the portfolio with cool cases and eventually get a sought-after and creative profession.

10. Web Designer

The web designer creates the layouts of sites and applications and determines how the product will ultimately look. To become a successful web designer, you need to know about the methods of presenting information on the page, be able to work with typography, create 3D elements and animations, and also find cool ideas and references for your layouts. By the time you graduate from the web design course, you will pump all these skills, as well as learn how to communicate with the customer and present your work.

11. UX/UI Designer

Every day we interact with dozens of user interfaces – websites, programs, instant messengers – and all of them are developed taking into account UX/UI requirements. How to make the transitions between pages, where to place the menu, how to think through the logic of the application? Interface designers make it easy and intuitive to use the product. Any project that has users, needs a UX/UI designer, so there is a great demand for such specialists. The course of interface design is complex, but with the right approach and self-organization, this will become an important point in your resume. With such a portfolio it will be easier to find a promising job that will make you stop saying “I hate my job”.

12. Internet marketer

To become a professional Internet marketer who can solve business problems, build a promotion strategy, and manage a department, you need system knowledge. A professional course will help you get detailed information, become a true professional in your field, and gain the skills necessary for a career.

13. SMM marketer

Last year, in the United States, online trading volumes exceeded offline for the first time. Our trends are also moving in this direction, so companies are investing more and more in Internet marketing in general and in SMM in particular. This means that the number of vacancies in SMM will grow steadily in the coming years. A high-quality SMM marketing course will help to correctly analyze the situation in the market, draw up a development strategy, and implement it. It will also be useful not only to those who want to associate their profession with him. He is also loved by business owners who want to independently manage the social networks of their brand.

14. Copywriter and Translator

Of course, the quality design and architecture of the site is very important. But what is the use of them if this site is completely clean or filled with non-unique content? Therefore, professional and high-quality copywriters are very in demand. How to keep the reader’s attention? What is a strong text? How to make a “portrait of the audience” and write the text based on who will read it? The copywriting course answers these questions. It also allows you to become an author who writes without water, offers creative ideas and owns editing skills. If you like to work with the word, and you want to make it your profession, then this is a great choice. It is also recommended to learn some new language – this will help to become even more professional and improve their relevance in the eyes of the employer.

15. Digital Project Manager

It is impossible to imagine a project or team without a leader who organizes the work of all participants, communicates with the customer, clarifies the requirements, sets clear objectives, and directs joint work. This is a difficult profession that requires specific skills. The course of a digital project manager will help you learn more about the profession and become a real specialist with interesting work and an excellent salary.

16. Visagiste

Today, to become a master makeup artist, it is not necessary to graduate from special colleges and schools – you can get all the necessary knowledge online. Modern training centers offer distance learning courses, webinars, and step-by-step video tutorials that share secrets on how to turn any person into a real work of art. While improving, do not forget to follow the advice of fashion bloggers.

17. Interior designer

If you are captivated by the design and decoration process, and your insatiable craving for transformation requires a more serious application than a home repair, it’s time to become a professional. The services of specialists in the field of interior design are still in demand. Thanks to this choice, you can stop saying “I hate my job” and realize your creative potential as well as earn good money.

18. Fitness trainer

It turns out that today even the profession of a fitness instructor can be mastered without leaving them at home. After completing the online courses, you can get a certificate of a personal trainer or a leader in group directions. Obviously, after quarantine, many people will seek to restore physical fitness. Therefore, your knowledge will be useful and relevant.

19. Florist

Floristics is a vocation, and art, and craft, and a career. This is a profession that will give people joy and will never lose relevance. Do you also dream of making bouquets? Thanks to the Internet you can get the necessary skills and knowledge. Now instead of saying “I hate my job”,  you can work an enjoyable job that even smells good!

20. Confectioner

Author’s cakes, cheesecakes, and cupcakes have become extremely popular, and their creation is becoming more and more reminiscent of a separate art form. Blogs, YouTube channels, and Instagram pages have a sweet life. Is your calling to create pastry masterpieces? Then it’s worth taking several courses on the Internet and realizing your full potential. I mean, how can you say “I hate my job” when you get to bake beautiful sweet treats!

21. Nutritionist

 Do you dream of helping others to become beautiful and slim, but sports loads are not for you? Pay attention to the profession of a nutritionist. Many online courses will tell you how to create a rational menu for each client. Depending on gender, age, the intensity of sports, and other individual characteristics.=


There is a well-known saying that life is movement, and death is peace. Do not let the quarantine impose peace on you, look for new knowledge, get new skills, and try to become better than you were yesterday. Thanks to the Internet, modern online courses, and desire, you can stop saying “I hate my job”,  gain knowledge and begin a useful profession that will help you build a successful career.

Bethany Langston
Bethany Langston

Bethany Langston is a blogger, a journalist at, and just an ambitious writer. She always enjoyed covering numerous topics from politics to relationships, so she decided to make writing her career. 

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