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Some people enjoy being minimalist in their possessions. Whilst their home may have flair and style, they display very little of their personality in their environment, preferring to remain more neutral and austere. Everything they have serves its purpose and that is fine. It suits them well.
Other people amass lots of possessions. Their space is full of items that they want or need to have around them. They can’t bring themselves to part with any of them.
We can say the same about music because it is able to make us dance, sing, remember important moments, and even suffer or cry. In this case, it is possible to note that music is an integral part of our lives. Let’s Look at the importance of mementoes and music in our lives.

1. They Support History

Older folk often treasure their mementoes. They may have accumulated a store of invaluable items, papers, letters that tell stories from many years ago. These items add value to their reminiscences and provide reference and evidence of things from times long past.

2. Memories Are Contained in Our Possessions

Having photographs, items collected over the years can be very reassuring to have around. Their possessions are their roots to some people. Having things from childhood, items that tell a story can be an important source of comfort.

3. A Home Is Often Built with Personal Touches

Having little items that a couple has bought together over the years can document their relationship and provide a stronger sense of bonding and connection. It makes their home unique and can also provide nostalgia, reflection and an important perspective at times of stress.

4. Link to the Heritage

People who have moved several times, who have perhaps had a troubled or distressing past often have a special attachment to their mementoes. They may be the only link they have to their heritage, to the life that they once knew. They can be of especial significance to them.

5. Increase Children’s Feeling of Importance

Children enjoy having their paintings and handiwork displayed at people’s homes. Proudly giving a painting or a handmade pot pride of place can make a child feel valued and important. And, over the years, these items attain increasing importance. As the children grow there can be a strong sentimental attachment to their childhood gifts.

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6. Mementos Show Appreciation

The little gifts and souvenirs that are given to us over the years are a reminder that someone has cared about us. Having them on show in our home shows that we appreciate the gesture and are happy to acknowledge the person’s thoughtfulness and generosity.

7. Unusual Items Can Add Individuality to a Home

Quirky touches can make a place special and different. Whether it be items from holidays or unique pieces from a market, having a distinctive piece on the show can give a room for an additional lift. They can provide the finishing touches that give a place its own individual look.

8. Sometimes Moving Items around Can Be Useful

Having lots of possessions can mean that they become invisible, unseen because there are so many items on display. Rotating them can be an effective way of enjoying a variety of items, a few at a time. This way the display can look new and fresh on a regular basis.

9. Let’s Look at the Importance of Music

Over time our tastes in music change. From children’s nursery rhymes to popular music, to the more eclectic tastes as we become an adult, music often plays an important part in the different stages of our progression through life.

10. It Prompts Reflection

Music is wonderfully evocative. Many radio stations have shows where they revisit the music of a certain decade.
Certain songs and tunes can be more powerful than photographs to the listeners, as they recall where they were, who they were with, what was happening in their lives at that time.

11. Many Couples Have ‘Their Tune‘

It is a song or a piece of music that is forever attached to their relationship. It is a reminder of where they met, a tune of special significance to them both. When they hear it they think of each other and it is a poignant reminder of the relationship ends.

12. Music Can Create a Mood

If someone is hosting an event their choice of music can be critical to its success. Deciding whether there is a requirement for calm music, something that is nostalgic, or more lively to dance to can be a fundamental factor in how well an evening progresses.
Often the choice of music changes as the evening progress and people become more relaxed.

13. The Right Choice of Music Is Important

Background tapes in supermarkets caused a backlash as people became irritated by the inane tunes.
Similarly, waiting in a telephone queue and being subjected to the company’s choice of music can cause people to terminate the call. Music is a powerful way of calming a situation down, but it can also be inflammatory too.

14. Food and Music Often Go Together Well

Some restaurants have background music or engage live bands to play at certain times of the week. They can provide a determining factor in which restaurant to choose.
Sunday lunch is often a time when people are relaxed and happy to sit a while listening to music, ordering more drinks, perhaps dancing. Music is often an aid to digestion after a meal as people sit and enjoy their leisure time.

15. Make Us Dance

Since dancing and movement are an important component of music, Some music almost makes people have to move. Choreographers spend a lot of time creating new works for different types of music.
From classical to more popular music, it is exciting to see new works with innovative dance routines. Even in a schoolroom, a teacher playing the piano for children to move to is an important way of starting the connection.

16. Sing-songs Are a Good Way of Improving People’s Mood

They can calm a tense situation and help people bond and interact better. When people are on a long march or are trapped or in a hostage situation remembering songs that everyone knows can lift the group’s spirits and enable them to feel more positive.

17. Colour and Music Go Well Together

Some people see colour when they hear tunes. We often talk about dark or light music, the blues. But colour can be evoked from hearing music, it stimulates our senses and adds an extra dimension to our lives.

18. Let Mementoes and Music In

Music touches our feelings, can make us laugh or cry, can calm us down. It is an important part of life. Even playing the piano in a rather amateurish way at home can add some pleasure to our lives. Music adds to our lives.
Mementoes are often a special part of someone’s story. They chart their travels, friendships and different experiences along the way. Having possessions that each tell their own story and remind of us of various times in our past can be an evocative way to collect memories. They are an important part of our lives.

About the author: William S Andrews, a personal development coach. He likes helping people cope with their problems. In this case, William has his own section on the website of write my paper service. Moreover, he takes part in various conferences to improve his knowledge and develop new skills.

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