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Due to the coronavirus pandemic, chances are, you probably tend to spend a lot more time at home with your family for perhaps several days. Now if you don’t have the best relationship with your family, having to maintain social distancing can be very difficult. Undoubtedly, our families are always there for us, no matter what the circumstances are. However, sometimes (for whatever the reason) we may find it difficult to get along.
If your family relationship is not quite as perfect as you would like it to be, then try implementing these 11 useful and interesting tips discussed in this article. By using following these tips on the daily, you can make your family relationships much stronger.

10 Ways To Improve Family Relationships During Quarantine

1. Figure Out The Cause 

If you feel something is “off” in your family relationships, you need to figure out the cause. Sometimes, unknowingly, you or any of your family members may do things that can create a hostile environment. And due to the lack of communication that is found in a lot of households, it can be difficult to overcome this. Therefore, it is important to answer two questions:

  • Why do you keep a distance from them?
  • Where do you both lack in building an ideal bond with each other?

For instance, the point of conflict could be any of the reasons mentioned below:

  • showing of disrespect
  • overprotective behaviour or extra possessiveness
  • continuous commands
  • pointing out small mistakes

2. Go Strong With Friendship Bond

First and foremost, you can improve the quality of the bond by becoming each other’s friends. How? Well, it’s not rocket science, as you all are stuck with each other at home, you have to bear each other’s tantrums (Just Kidding). Avoid vocal and physical non-serious wars with siblings, obey what your parents say, and try to understand the situation.

Trust me, once you become good “friends” with your family, your time at home will be very pleasant. Also, it is important, to be honest, and cooperative with your family.

As George Bernard Shaw said,

“A happy family is but an earlier heaven.”

3. Rule With Food

Cook together and connect with your elders. Yes, you can rule hearts by cooking something for all of them.  Senior family members are generous, and your little actions can easily melt their hearts. Plus, the more you make each other happy, the more you will seek happiness in this quarantine.

Therefore, if you seriously want to improve the “relationship status” with your family, have a meal together. I bet! You will not regret this later.

Tip: Learn some old cooking tips from members of your house and teach them some new cuisine trends by inventing variations in meals.

By this, you not only share knowledge with them but also amaze your closed ones. Ultimately, you will enjoy spending more time together.

4. Help With Different Chores

Other than cooking meals, you can proudly indulge yourself in activities that your family members do daily. For example, do laundry for them, or spend some time doing gardening with your parents. Maybe make your sibling a coffee or help with cleaning around the house.

Since you a rebounded to stay at home, you must not miss the chance to rehabilitate the relationship with the beloved people. Your one step towards them will make them walk two steps towards you.

5. Spend Time Together

A parent will always try to keep that smile on their child’s face. But as a child grows older, they enjoy talking to people closer to their age group as well.

With COVID19 among us, plan a good evening with your family Talk about everything you may want to discuss, throw lame yet humorous jokes, laugh together, and enjoy the moments you spend together.

6. Words Are Valuable

Since we are currently instructed to stay at home (due to safety purposes and quarantine), we can’t go out to celebrate anything. But, we can still celebrate and express our love for our family members by sharing a few moving and kind words. Words can do wonders and help to improve family relationships.

Start using words like, sorry, thank you, it’s okay, I love you, etc. and you will see the cold wall melting between your family and yourself!

7. Listen To Them & Their Experiences – Appreciate Their Efforts

Another thing you need to do is to listen to what your different family members come up with at different times. Let them share their life experiences. Listen to the stories about their mischievous childhood, adolescence activities, and how their school was. Also, you will be astonished when you hear about how your parents met. (I remember, I was. My parents met at some mutual friend’s wedding for the first time and are together since then. Sweet, right?)

8. Accept The Age Differences & Be Positive

With big generational gaps within the family, thoughts and ideas about different things change. This difference in perspective is usually a key point of conflict between parents and children. However, everyone takes things according to their particular ideals and give opinions accordingly.

You can overcome these differences by trying to understand each others’ situations. This will help you live at home with peace during this quarantine and to re-build your relationship with your family.

9. Celebrate Individuality & Give Space

Always keep this in your mind that every other member of your family is a separate individual just like you. So, embrace their individualities and adore their personalities by celebrating it with an oath that you will always stand beside them. Plus, if any of your family persons is passionate about something, or a has a dream they’d like to pursue, support them and help advise them.

10. Forgiveness Is Key

This quarantine, you can improve your connection and “affection level” with your loved ones by ignoring the things that hurt you. And if you have hurt them deeply, you should always try to apologize. By doing so, you all can work positively on the bond.

Imagine, you all are spending the whole day, seven days a week together but not with a clear heart. Indeed, a small amount of malice can destroy the real beauty of the relationship. So, with a little effort of forgiveness, you can count on your quarantine days with your beloved people.

Forgiving each other strengthens the relationship.

11. Change Your Behavior

Last but not least. In these lockdown days, if you want to have a good memorable time at home with your family, you must follow the below-mentioned sub-tips.

  • Stop arguing on every single thing. It not only destroys your mood but the environment of the house.
  • Respect them in any way. Whatever they do or say, needs praise. So, admire their choices and actions.
  • Take care of your family and make sure you are keeping track of their health, too.
  • Don’t find fault in everything they do. You are an adult now, and the family needs you more.
  • Value their decisions.

Final Words

Amid this global pandemic, you might feel constantly stressed. But, you can positively get through your quarantine life. In order to do this its important to analyze yourself and your behaviour. With a little brainstorm and effort, you can avoid the negative and depressive vibes coming from the surroundings.

Moreover, try to grow your relationship with your family members just like you struggle to grow a plant in the garden. Positive family relationships will help you to release stress, and you can surely relax in your “stay home, stay safe” mode.

By implementing these tips during this quarantine, you can hopefully create a lovely and friendly bond with your family.

That being said, Spend this time with family and enjoy quarantine!

Emma Walker

Emma Walker is a blogger and a great cook! She loves to write about different things, especially about relationships. Emma likes to spend most of her time with Xoro (her baby dog). She also loves exploring unique and undiscovered places in this world. You can find some more of her work here!

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