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Changing the world should always start with changing yourself. Many people seek motivation, but they give in half-seas-over to the result. Remember, you are capable of doing great things. Here are 3 motivational, success stories of 3 individuals who pushed people to do great things!

Don’t you still believe in miracles? Check the top 3 motivational stories that may push you to do great things.

1. Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs’s name is on everyone’s lips even after leaving this world. His life was not always successful and bright. He was adopted at a very young age. He lived in a neighbourhood full of engineers who loved electronics. Starting from 13 years old, he met Steve Wozniak who became crucial for his further life but who then became his enemy as well. His parents did not have enough money to cover the tuition fees, but they managed to find them, however, Steve spent only one semester at college.

He was deeply involved in hippies culture, eastern philosophies that seemed more interesting than studying. At that time, he had one simple dream to have a computer, while his friend Woz had an exceptional talent in making computer boards. They two created their first company in the garage and went for making their own software to sell big cheeses. In 1967, the Apple company was born. Since that time, many projects appeared including the Liza computer, Macintosh, and of course iPhone, which changed the world. 

What stayed behind that success? Steve was thrown out of his own company Apple, the sales were always jumping, and he was blamed to do nothing but stealing his friend Woz’s ideas and pretending they were his own. Still, he convinced the board to come back to operational duties, and until his death, he was a part of his offspring. He left his imprint on the world and tried to deliver to students and young entrepreneurs to stay hungry, stay foolish, believe in everything they do, and never give up on their dreams. He made others believe they have what it takes to do great things!

great things

2. Bill Gates

Bill is another IT-genius who managed to create things that we cannot believe our lives without. Microsoft, Windows are all that were his dreams from an early age. Even though he was raised in a rich family, their money has not been a priority, as he wanted to leave his own imprint. Similar to Steve Jobs, Bill dropped his studies at Harvard University because they distracted him from his business which is now known as Microsoft.

Later on, he faced many failures including his banned computer projects, deteriorated IBM’s cooperation due to creative differences, as well as genius vs genius competition with Steve Job’s Apple. Beyond that, Bill always feared his business would not bring value, as a result, he suffered from low self-esteem, and poor confidence. When thinking of Bill Gates, a person imagines a nerd who never sleeps but studies long hours. He achieved success despite all criticism and thanks to his beloved wife who supported him in every decision. Nowadays, Bill wants to raise awareness of his philanthropy work which may motivate people to help others.

Bill and his wife Melinda established a foundation helping countries of the third world get vaccines, free of charge treatment for polio, as well as technologies to prevent climate change. One of his mottos was that every person needs feedback because it can help them improve. Now, he is considered one of the richest men alive and in history, and his path could show others that they should never allow their low self-esteem to mask their dreams. And if you can dream it, you can achieve it and you can do great things!

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3. Pablo Picasso

Pablo Picasso is one of the world-renowned artists; he was born in Spain, Malaga. From an early age, he discovered a passion for drawing. His father, also an artist, did his best to give his son training. In 19 years, he moved to France where lived in a small studio together with other artists who could barely earn money living. Beyond that, he did not speak French, so every day was a struggle. At the same time, he found that his close friend committed suicide, and Pablo completely retired into his shell but without quitting drawing. From that time, his paintings became dull and sombre.

Later on, when little money left he came back to Spain to his family where his father told him that he did not believe in him, and Pablo would never become great. Those statements pushed Pablo to return once again to Paris but that time it was the best decision. His paintings became popular and well-paid, as well as he was a personal artist of many rich families.

What stays behind his success? He was talented from an early age but rejected in Spain by his family. He faced the suicide of his best friend, and could not afford healthy living. It took him 20 years to master his drawing with everyday practice. Today, he is considered one of the greatest artists in history who never took criticism too personally, especially, when it came to his father’s disappointment. He left his mark on the world and proved he was capable of doing great things

great things

Final Words

So, what do you need to do great things? Summarizing all the success stories of Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and Pablo Picasso, they are passion, patience, everyday practice, people’s feedback, trials and errors, and confidence in everything you do. If you fail, you stand up and continue to hone your skills. If you succeed, you continue to hone your skills. It may take you a few months to years, however, you should never make advances with mediocre results. Therefore, either writing, drawing, singing, or acting, you should not only dream but day by day go towards them without being scared of failure.

Lauren Bradshaw
Lauren Bradshaw

Lauren Bradshaw is a passionate creative writer with 15 years of experience being an academic writer as well as 10+ years of experience in content marketing. Currently, Lauren holds the position of a senior publishing editor at CustomWritings

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