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dealing with stress

Stress is nothing but acute emotional and mental distress. Dealing with stress is not easy. Stress can be caused due to a plethora of reasons. For example, students can end up in a stressful situation on not being able to rope in a reliable essay writer on time, or in case the spell checker app stops working all of a sudden.

On the other hand, mid-aged adults might take stress on the grounds of conjugal upheavals, employment issues, property affairs and the likes. However, no matter how stressful a situation might appear to be, a real fighter would always find a way out to overcome the obstacle.

In case, you too are dealing with acute stress and anxiety in life, and willing to figure out the strategies to keep such odds at bay, invest some time in reading this blog. It would introduce you to an all-new dimension and enlightenment to embrace in life.

Happy reading!

1. Exercise Regularly

When dealing with stress in life, there’s no substitute for exercising regularly:

  • Working out regularly helps you to relax your body and mind.
  • In addition, regular exercise improves your mood and helps you to stay on the positive side.
  • Home exercises would allow you to avoid stepping outside in these tiring times of the pandemic.
  • A simple jog around your house lawn or trying out deep breathing exercises in a tub full of water would boost will power to the next level.

2. Follow a Balanced Diet

It is equally important for you to eat well by maintaining a balanced diet in order to defy the odds of stress and anxiety. Here’re a couple of useful tips for you to imbibe in this context.

  • Make it a point to consume full course meals that comprise fresh vegetables, whole grains, fruits and protein supplements.
  • According to reports, skipping meals or refraining from following a healthy diet might impact our moods in various instances.
  • This, as a result, would contribute to a stressful day at work, if especially, you are hungry and still working your way out in order to carry out certain responsibilities.
  • Also, it is equally crucial for you to avoid consuming fast foods.
  • It might bring an impact on your liver functionalities or might just lead to obesity, which is apparently a major determinate of stress.

3. Learn About the Causes of Stress

In order to face a monster, we need to know why or how it had been created in the first place. Thus, when dealing with stress and anxiety, then you must know about the causes or the contributing factors behind such feelings.

Here’s everything you need to know.

  • Dealing with a heavy workload leads to stress. Try not to pursue too many tasks at the same time.
  • Setting unclear or unrealistic goals might cause unnecessary stress. It is advised to take baby steps at a time, evaluate your goals and the resources you have in order to reach the same.
  • Venture out with confidence, only if you know that the goal is achievable and you have all the essential resources to back you up.
  • If you have met with a traumatic incident recently, then it could lead to stress as well. Try to keep calm and focus on the positive side of life during such encounters.
  • At times, our attitudes and perceptions lead to stress and anxiety. For example, you might feel stressed out if your loved ones take way too long to reply to your texts.
  • But, you should also look at the bigger picture. You never know that the person might not be around the cell-phone or there might be some network issues.
  • Again, this calls for you to stay calm and think positive, without surrendering to negative thoughts so easily.
  • Not being adaptable to changes is again one major reason behind developing anxiety disorders.

So, you need to keep track of each of these conditions as mentioned above and focus on the remedial aspects to fight back and get through the phase like a boss. Once you would know the factors or the catalysts of stress and anxiety, confronting the condition gets much easier.

4. Talk About Your Problems, Often

When dealing with stress and anxiety, this is absolutely important. Many a time, we tend to keep things to ourselves out of the fear of being judged or misunderstood. That’s where the problem lies. If you do not communicate or talk about your problems, then it would only lead you to confinement, thus, leading your soul to completely surrender to the clutches of negativities.

Here are some suggestions for you on how to talk about your problems by approaching the right person.

  • Approach someone who understands you well.
  • Do not initiate the discussion by directly hinting at the problem you are facing.
  • Try out small talks and gradually disclose the issue you are experiencing.
  • You can also try to connect with counsellors and talk about your anxieties to take home remedial suggestions.
  • Lastly, it is important for you to know about the person’s intention.
  • For example, if you end up sharing your deepest concerns and secrets with the wrong person, he/she might bad mouth about it or crack a couple of silly jokes behind your back.
  • So, you have to careful here and communicate with the right person at the end of the day.

5. Make Time for Creative Exercises

No matter how stressed you are or how bad the day is turning out to be, always make time for your hobbies and creative exercises. These are essentially the gateways to dealing with stressful affairs and fight off the same like a pro.

Here’s all you need to know.

  • Focus on your hobbies. It could be anything. Right from the art of doodling to penning down your thoughts in the form of poetry.
  • Shifting your focus to something you like doing the most would allow you to take a break from the monotony of life, and you could simply be happily back on track.
  • As a result, dealing with stress and anxiety will be easier.
  • Also, creative exercises allow us to come up with multi-dimensional ideas, which, in turn, help us to perceive things in a different, and apparently in a much positive way.
  • Keep flexing your mind across multiple areas, learn new skills, and opt for self upgrades and the likes.
  • Merely confining yourself to the conventional walls of limited perspectives won’t take you anywhere.
  • So, embrace creative inclinations and let your mind relax and stay away from the negative facets of life.

6. Evaluate Your Own Self

At times, in fact, most of the time, we tend to evaluate our own flaws or behavioural loopholes. As a result, it backfires and contributes to the odds of stressful anxieties. Wondering how? Imagine you have a suppressed condition of anger issues, but you do not quite realize what’s wrong with you. As a result, you would keep throwing tantrums and bad moods at people, who would obviously retaliate as part of their defence mechanisms. This very situation would simply give rise to further arguments, which would lead to certain criticalities.

For example, you could be misjudged as someone extremely rude and arrogant (but, deep down under you know you mean no harm). It is only because of your character trait; people might end up misunderstanding you. As a result, it would affect your peace of mind, as you would constantly try to deal with the conflict in your head.

Such similar instances have been studied and evaluated a lot of times and marked as one of the major limitations that could make it difficult when dealing with stress and anxiety among humans. So, in case, you could already relate to such scenarios, waste no time further and start working on self-value enrichment. Here are a few good reads you can opt for, in order to evaluate your values and live by them.

  • Vision, Goals and Self-Evaluation by Danny Ballard
  • Reality Therapy and Self-Evaluation by Robert. E. Wubbloding
  • Self Evaluation by Archie McGlynn

7. Build Self-Confidence

Most of the time, we end up stressing out due to a lack of self-confidence. We would, at times, feel that we are not enough for the job, or we wouldn’t be able to do justice with the task assigned to us. Such feelings mark the inception of stress and anxiety in us. Once you are taken over by stress, you won’t be able to tread towards your end goal successfully. So, it is advised to abide by the following suggestions and boost self-confidence in the right manner.

  • Affirm and visualize yourself as you wish to be.
  • Attempt at least one task that scares you, on a regular basis.
  • Help someone else and be generous.
  • Question yourself often, but, never doubt self-potential.


Parting Thoughts

So, let’s assume that you are now aware of the six winning tips on dealing with stress, and all implement the key remedial measures to get over the same, embrace each of the practices as mentioned above. After all, stress is only a state of mind. Do not allow it to get the better of you. As once said by Josiah Gilbert Holland, “Calmness is the cradle of power”, you got to keep calm and deal with situations and put up a tough fight against the demon called stress.


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