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We all sometimes feel low, and we want a source of happiness. Some people spend time shopping as a way of relieving stress. While some may increase their sugar intake,  But what is the best way to keep yourself happy? By travelling. Yes. Go out, be free, explore, enjoy. Travelling has so much to offer, and if you have been seeking a way to waive your worries and stress, then you should think about travelling. Whether you travel for business, vacation, or “just to waste time”, you will never regret it. Every bit of your journey will contribute to your overall wellbeing and help make you happier!

So, what is hindering you from going on your next trip? Read on to learn about the various ways travelling helps to improve your moods and promote mental health.

1. Travel Grows Your Self-Confidence

Every time, we all meet various challenges in our endeavours and activities. But no challenge ever exceeds having a difficult moment and in a foreign land. Whether you forgot to carry your camping gear or you ran out of your daily credit card spending limit, you can really get frustrated – more than when you left home. I am not saying that your trip will be troublesome.

On the contrary, it is an encouragement that there is always a way to solve any problem or obstacle you meet on your way while travelling. And when you overcome, you become stronger and better. You also get some skills to help you with survival in any situation in the future. But there is something unique that comes out – that “feel good” and confidence to face any challenge in life contributes to your self-esteem and can make you happier. Life now becomes easier to tackle and do away with stress.

2. Traveling Teaches You to Appreciate the Little Things

Maybe your frustrations are coming from the way you perceive things around you. Our exposure determines the life we live in. Negative attitudes do arise when we only think about what we can see around us. That is why you need to go out and experience life from a different angle and learn how other people live.

While it always feels good to leave home, you will discover that it is better to be at home. Although life may seem wonderful on the other ends of the planet, there are also challenges that people pass through there. You have to learn to understand that problems are not meant for you alone. If I use money as an example, you will discover that people who earn more usually live in places where they spend more on their daily needs. They end up unable to save compared to people in a remote village that earns a few cents.

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3.  Meet New People and Make Friends

Your happiness can sometimes depend on the people you interact with. Some friends are fun to be with, while others can be irritants. In the worst cases, some of the “friends” we have can be too toxic to co-exist with. Some people always want to see you sad or angry all the time so that you can fail in your ambitions. It is advisable to change your friends if you cannot find peace among them.

The secret solution is to make new friends. And maybe you should try people who you have not been closer to in the past. When travelling, you get the chance to meet people from different parts of the world. You go out for various activities, smile at them, talk a little, and you become friends. And one thing that is sure to make you happier is your friends!

Although such friendship does not last long, especially those you build abroad, you can feel better being around fun and exciting people while away from home. But you can keep in touch with interesting people you meet while travelling and grow the bond, reschedule meetings again, and share your experiences.

4. Travel Allows You to Spend Quality “Alone” Time

Do you feel tired of everything and don’t know what to do? Pack your travel bag, book a flight to a far off destination, and spend some quality time with yourself. While travelling, you can call a meeting between you and yourself. Tell yourself that you will not have to do anything to please others except yourself. Make a covenant that will make you and yourself glad to be together and one.

With various activities for lone rangers, you can get out there and make yourself happy with no distractions. Watch the birds, go surfing, hike a mountain under the cool shades, or enjoy a hearty meal from the top food destinations. A nice treat to your stomach and taste buds rejuvenates the soul. Yes, I always cook the best food I can when I am feeling bored. Although it may seem costlier than an ordinary meal that can fill the stomach, the results are always amazing. A new me ready to tackle anything in front of me.

5. Exposure to Sunlight

It is common that when upset, people tend to stay indoors more – sleeping or staring at the television. I cannot call it watching TV, because, at that time, there is little to no concentration. But locking yourself in can only make your situation worse than you anticipated. Light and darkness have a direct impact on how the brain works. And I am not talking about the light from your electric lamp. It is sunshine.

When you are exposed to sunlight, the brain produces more of the serotonin hormone. The hormone, also called the “happy chemical”, has various functions, but paramount among all is to boost your moods. So, stop locking yourself up if you want happiness. Go out, but where can you possibly go?

Travelling is one of the best ways to experience sunlight. Since there are various outdoor activities you can enroll in, you can spend more time breathing fresh air and absorbing the sunshine. The longer you stay outdoors, the better for your brain and the whole functioning of your body. I am not telling you to sit in the sun for the whole day, you only need access to natural light – so, you can sit in the shade or engage in other outdoor activities.

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6. Mood is Contagious

Is everybody around you moody? Then run away. You acquire the mood of the people around you. As such, you need to travel more. Fellow travellers are people with good vibes, and they are ready to throw a smile at everyone they meet on their way or during events.

Even local people smile at visitors in their cities. How else would a place be welcome for tourists? As you move from one point to another in your destination, you will discover that people are out to have fun. A smile from a stranger or passer-by will send you smiling and make you happier, ultimately helping you forget about your predicaments.

Attending social events and activities is a better way to experience the fun, and you will not want to leave your new company. People who always make you laugh will leave a print in your heart. This can bring a transformation in the way you view life and people. Whenever you remember these moments, they will help boost your mood and make you happier.7. Travel Helps You Reach a Milestone

Have you ever wanted to do something new? What if there was a way you could accomplish your mission in a few days or steps? That would be amazing. Every time we complete a milestone, the brain produces a rewarding hormone (dopamine) that promotes pleasure and motivates us to do and learn more.

The more you advance, the better you become, and you achieve more. Whether you had anticipated learning a new language or how to prepare a new dish, you can achieve your ambitions through travel. Anywhere you go, you can start by speaking one or two words to greet people. And when they respond, you can have a conversation, and they can help you to learn more words. But if you both speak different languages, use Google Translate on your phone to communicate. At the end of the day – your achievement however small it is will help make you happier

8. Travel Creates Lasting Memories

I know you are wondering what will happen after your happy trip. After coming back to the same place and meeting the same people who might be taking away your happiness, will you become unhappy again? Short answer: NO. What happens? After a trip, you come back a different person with new experiences and personality.

As an enlightened person, you can look at life in a positive way, using every opportunity to make things more exciting. Instead of being offended by little things, you will always have a reason to smile. However, most importantly, the things that you learn become long-term traits that live with you forever.

With the memories you capture, the new friends you make, and everything you learn during a trip, you can live a new life that focuses on building your future rather than worrying about your circumstances. Long-term transformations can bring lasting happiness into your life. The more you travel, the easier it will be able to make yourself happier

In Summary

Peace and happiness are the main things lacking in the world. While people are always wondering how they can find peace, the secret is that happiness comes from within. Focusing on the things around you cannot promote your happiness and peace. When travelling, you forget about the current surrounding, making you focus on the things that improve your experience and personality. The changes you acquire can make you happier and give you the contentment you have been seeking all your life.

Rebecca Siggers

Rebecca Siggers is a passionate writer and into investing for the last five years. She generously contributes on different blog pages about insurance, health insurance including Mutual of Omaha living promise and general life insurance. Through her writing, she wants to spread awareness among people about health and Finances.

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