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signs of a toxic relationship

The initial stage of a relationship is always tranquil and bewitching. And that is why many times you are blindfolded to react to the facts of the relationship. Toxic means are poisonous or deadly. A toxic relationship can drain life from you, damage your confidence and kill your dreams. A healthy relationship with employees/ family not only creates a positive environment. But also give you a path for great career opportunities. Here we will discuss seven signs of a toxic relationship and how your toxic relationship can spoil your career

1. You Are Constantly In Bad Company

Being alone is far better than being in bad company. If you feel your relationship constantly has you being in situations where you are uncomfortable, chances are you are experiencing a sign of a toxic relationship. Bad company can be hurtful and even more difficult to bear.

After you get rid of the relationship, you look back and think of the warning signs you received. It helps you to analyze, and chances of committing the same mistake can be avoided. This is much more difficult when the toxic relationship is a family member or close friend. But remember, you deserve to be happy, and cutting down a bad past can help you step into a new life.

2. A Toxic Relationship Can Spoil Your Personal Growth

Common signs of a toxic relationship are constant negativity and blame. A toxic relationship can ruin your personal growth. In a toxic relationship, one party may have a mindset of blaming the other. “You didn’t/You should have/ Why did you…?”. This kind of bullying hinders your personal growth. It may make you feel smaller, and like their opinion and emotions do not matter. This can choke off personal development, and they may end dealing with stress. A healthy relationship is where both support each other, and you can see feelings on both sides.

3. A Toxic Relationship Fabricates Negative Energy

Negative energy and negative moods are signs of a toxic relationship. Negative energy can kill our vibe and harm our minds. It seeds negative vibes in our minds and overtakes our peace. Something is still wrong with your situation regarding family or friends. How much ever you try to make it better things are beyond your control. Your mind and mood exert the influence of negativity. Plus past experience will not allow you to set things right.

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4. “Politics” At Your Workplace

You may also experience toxic relationships in your workplace. Working hard and building a strong relationship with colleagues can help you find a better career. But people induce disputes and insult colleagues that can affect careers. If you find yourself hiding around or feeling ashamed that is a sign of a toxic relationship. Make sure you have created a friendly environment, and people love your company. This can enhance the leadership skills that benefit you in the long-run of your career.

5. Over-promising

Over-promising may benefit you in the short-run. However, when you believe you are hard-working and honest, you tend to promise unrealistic things. At your workplace, there is no point in dumping extra pressure and delivering low-quality/delay in services. If you promise to do something fast and you miss the deadline ultimately you end up looking terrible. And in your personal relationships, overpromising may create higher and higher expectations. This can cause your partner to under-appreciate the little things you do – another sign of a toxic relationship.

Over-promising is a human tendency. But the smart cookie understands their capability and does needful things accordingly. But half-witted people work on without strategy. Setting realistic goals and achieving them help you in getting the right name at the workplace. And when you follow realistic aims, you tend to get a good response from others.

6. Low Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is a sense of knowing and managing your emotions. Emotional Intelligence helps you to build good relationships. It can aid you to connect with your feelings and turn intention into action. Plus it gives clarity on your priorities.

Emotional outbreaks and depreciating others can harm you and may even be a sign of a toxic relationship. Great emotional Intelligence can benefit you in sailing the issues in your personal relationships as well as your workplace.

  • Self-management: You are capable of controlling sudden feelings and behaviour. Plus healthily handle your emotions. Plus stick to the commitments and adapt to the changing situations.
  • Social awareness: Your capability to understand the emotions and concerns of other people. And you are capable of doing needful things and understand the power in an organization.
  • Self-awareness: You realize your own emotions and their effects on your behaviour. You know your strengths and weaknesses and have self-confidence.
  • Relationship management: You are good at developing and handling good relationships. Plus you possess leadership skills to work in a team and manage any conflict.

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Tips For Building A Healthy Relationship:

  • Open communication: Is a base for a healthy relationship. Communication should always be translucent. So that information still flows right, and there is less chance of obstruction. Open communication not only creates a friendly atmosphere but also builds trust.
  • See the bigger picture: Most times, people fail to listen to what others are trying to convey and make their words. Yet that should be evaded to raise a positive relationship. People should focus on when an individual has to say something and the message they want to convey. Try to see a bigger picture and message behind a conversation and share your vision on the entire input.
  • Be understanding: Listening to what the other person has to say is the best way to maintain a healthy relationship. Always show gratitude when someone helps you.
  • Display positivity: You should have an attitude that people like and approachable. When a person has the right attitude, then it becomes captivating. People are more likely to talk with them and can build a bond with those who show a positive attitude. When you display positivity, it influences others, too and creates a happy environment.
  • Keep a certain time for bonding: Always allocate some time from your day to bond with the other person. Ask them about their day and genuinely show interest. This is a great tip to avoid any signs of a toxic relationship


A healthy relationship will help you be stress-free and be happy. By understanding the signs of a toxic relationship, you can avoid risking your relationships. Ultimately, you will be able to have excellent relationships with your partner, family members, coworkers, and friends.

Mary Jones

Mary Jones is the co-founder and editor-in-chief at TopMyGrades, which focuses on career counseling for university students in the US, Canada, UK, and Australia. Mary also provides help with assignments for University students as an online service to guide them in with a range of University courses and certifications. When free, she loves to read inspirational novels and biographies.

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