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Is too much positivity irritating, or are you going through rough days? Don’t ignore any signs that may look like depression, and make an effort to understand your current situation. This common worldwide illness affects people’s lives significantly and may turn into a severe health condition. Travelling may not cure depression; however, it is one of a few alternatives which may help to overcome depression and conquer challenging moments. 

We have listed seven tips below, which reveal some benefits of travelling when depression might be creeping up on you or has already spread its roots deep inside. 

1. Meeting New People

Loneliness is not helpful when facing depression, so life in isolation is not a good idea. Sometimes making a change such as purchasing a plane ticket to unknown places may sound horrifying. But, it’s very possible you meet many exciting people during your journey. For example, even before you begin your vacation, you prepare by visiting flight agencies, browsing shops and flicking through travel guides. You may even join different groups on social media full of individuals considering travel destinations or discussing experiences. Get to know people who are searching for their purpose. 

2. Alone Time Can be Beneficial

Getting on a plane and flying thousands of miles away without any “moral support”, might sound frightening. But travelling alone doesn’t need to seem so negative! Avoiding frequent quarrels, waiting for suggestions, or even approvals, might not be so disadvantageous after all. Having time and privacy to manage your train of thoughts can help you maintain your mental health. This is essential when it comes to overcoming depression. Remember that exploring the world involves visiting new places. Besides, nowadays, it’s easy to communicate with friends and family on social media. So learn to be independent and reward yourself with some alone time!

As Sam Owen once said,

“Spending time alone in your own company reinforces your self-worth and is often the number-one way to replenish your resilience reserves”

3. Become “One with Nature”

Imagine drinking a coffee from a cool flask while inhaling the sweet scents of Mother Nature from top of a mountain. Inviting some peace to our mind heals the soul. Travelling can turn into a curing process. Somehow, human beings find a direct connection with nature, so spending time outdoors helps to overcome depression indeed! Why not give yourself a break from the real world and take a vacation, ideally in the middle of nowhere or at least far away from city life! It’s easy to forget what it is like to lie down in a meadow full of tulips when most of our time, we live in concrete jungles surrounded by tall buildings. Take a deep breath and consider travelling the world!

4. Discover New Opportunities 

The world has so much to offer. By travelling, you open doors to new opportunities, taste different foods, learn about diversity, and become a more exceptional human being. Start making travel plans and enjoy your time! Workaholics are usually finding it stressful to stay away from work, even for a short period. 

You can share special moments with your friends and family by capturing pictures of your favourite sights or even start travel blogging! If you must work, try working remotely from a hotel room or a cafe. The sky’s the limit!

As Carly Gallagher once said,

“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us” 

5. Break Routines with Travelling

Breaking every-day routines, exploring new places, and staying active can release endorphins that fight misery right away. Getting up every morning and feeling gloomy is daunting, and running away from problems is not a solution. Exploring new environments and giving ourselves some time to evaluate our situation seems to be a good idea instead. Maybe it’s finally time to go hiking with goats, enjoying some open fires at night, or perhaps sleeping in a tent. In our society, everyone is rushing to work and rushing to get back home, forgetting to take a break and reward themselves with some free time. When you are away from daily commitments, it may help you to decide whether it’s time for a change or not once you come back. 

6. Put your Mind at Rest 

Having a hundred million thoughts rushing to our minds every second is not beneficial at all! The constant thinking that goes on in our minds is one of the main causes of depression and why we may not receive a good quality sleep. Insomnia does not help to overcome “down” days. While a stressful lifestyle is not unusual in modern life, to overcome depression, it is important for us to set aside our worries and get some rest. Nourish yourself with adventurous trips when travelling. Take long walks and breathe a lot of fresh air. It’s almost guaranteed that by the end of each day, it won’t be easy keeping your eyes open! Travel the world, cherish the opportunity to explore exciting places at your own pace. Whether you start your day at 09:00 am, or 11:00 am it’s totally up to you! Don’t rush anywhere, and you are the owner of your time!

7. Leave Your Life Behind

After a long trip, it might be tempting to give travel advice to friends and family. Everything comes to an end, and eventually, most people might be missing their daily routines. Let’s leave depression abroad. Come back home, enthusiastic and happy instead! It’s never been less stressful to start planning the life you want. Never forget to be thankful. Each moment in life is spectacular. Appraise yourself and pat yourself on your back – you deserve it. You are one amazing human being! Happy travelling, and good luck with your new life journey!

As Victor Hugo once said,

“What is more melancholy and more profound than to see a thousand objects for the first and the last time? To travel is to be born and to die at every instant”

Have you overcome depression when travelling? Please leave a comment below!

Thomas Quarry

Thomas Quarry is a data scientist, real treasure hunter and an aspiring creative Content Writer. In his limited spare time, he works on building an online magazine, and most of all, he enjoys quality time with his family. 

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    2:00 PM, 1 May 2020

    Wow really helpful!!

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